Basket, 3×3 Italia FIP Circuit: the first stage at Big Crew and Splash Team | News

The Rome Opening Tournament, the first stage of the 3×3 Italy FIP Circuit organized by the Italian Basketball Federation and Master Group Sport, at the end of a weekend full of spectacular matches and emotions. In the splendid setting of Siena square inside Villa Borghese, the two fields set up for the occasion were the stage of the Rome Master which opened the curtain on a summer that has a total of 45 tournaments throughout the national territory.

Big Crew e Splash Team won the title of champions of the first MASTER tournament of the season at the end of a very intense day that saw 46 games played, for a total of 76 matches in two days, thus winning the prize money up for grabs for winning teams and finalists and winning by right a place for the 3×3 Italia Finals event which will be held in Emilia Romagna on 6, 7 and 8 August and who will award it 3×3 Open male and female badge.

After Saturday’s day that handed out the pass for the final draw to eight men’s teams, today was the time to see in action the women who opened the dances of the second day of the tournament with the first challenges of the two groups.

The Sunday program saw 8 women’s teams divided into two groups and 16 men’s teams divided into 4 groups. In addition to the 8 teams that qualified yesterday, the 8 teams from the MASTER tournament in Reggio Emilia held last September will also be on the men’s draw.

The group matches of both draws gave many memorable moments from a technical and emotional point of view, ending in the early afternoon to give way to the final stages that did not disappoint expectations.

Physical and very high intensity matches brought Big Crew and Penguins Pro Team to the men’s draw and Splash Team and SLF Triple to Menazza in the women’s one to compete in the Finals.

Eventually the highest prize pool went to Big Crew e Splash Team that they have imposed themselves respectively on rivals with scores of 18-14 and 21-9.

The rain, right at the end of the event, forced everyone to move indoors to the ASD Stella Azzurra building to attend the men’s final, a few kilometers away from the splendid Piazza di Siena. However, the change of location for the last match of the tournament did not affect the enthusiasm of the winners and all the participants in the event who spent a weekend of celebration in the first event of this newborn federal circuit which aims to relaunch a discipline that will make its mark in the coming months debut at the Tokyo Olympics, and will also involve the Italian 3×3 Women’s National Team who just today took the pass for Japan after having triumphed in the pre-Olympic tournament in Debrecen by beating the hosts of Hungary in the final.

The next appointment with the 3×3 Italia FIP Circuit will be in weekend of 19 and 20 June which will see four tournaments played over the two days: the Armana Tournament of Tortona (AL), the second MASTER of the season, the 3×3 Black Jesus, CLASSIC of Guidonia Montecelio (RM), the 3×3 Anagni Basketball Tournament, BASIC which will be played at Anagni (FR) and the Gattamelata 2021 Tournament, CLASSIC tournament in Milan.

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