Center-right federation, Matteo Salvini from Mario Draghi: “It will not be an annexation” –

Center-right federation, Matteo Salvini from Mario Draghi: “It will not be an annexation” –
Center-right federation, Matteo Salvini from Mario Draghi: “It will not be an annexation” –

I’m not talking about mergers. But the time is ripe for one center-right federation, where everyone will still maintain their own identity. Matteo Salvini from Zambrone, in Calabria, where he chaired the General States of the League, returns to the theme of the center-right federation, giving himself time at most a week to meet all the leaders of the coalition and decide how and who does what. I’m sorry it’s not in it too Giorgia Meloni but, being in the opposition, it would not make sense to involve it, explains the leader of the League. Which, however, perhaps also in light of the many distinctions pronounced by various exponents of the center-right, specifies that they will not be mergers or annexes: The federation, not to be confused with fusion, will be based on common projects and will be an opportunity for everyone and also for the country, because it will speed up, unite and accelerate the work on reforms. We will speak with a single voice and by doing so we will speed up the approval of decrees, amendments, we will facilitate tax and justice reforms, procurement code and Irpef cuts.

A topic that Salvini will also address on Monday afternoon with the Prime Minister Mario Draghi. The meeting was set to reiterate the League’s maximum support for reforms. But it will also be an opportunity to illustrate the center-right federation project and its objectives to the head of government. I hope Draghi will help us make it happen. This is a goal that the head of the Northern League would also like to achieve in the European Parliament. League, popular and conservative could unite to be alternatives to the left, even at the Strasbourg assembly, He says. But aren’t there obstacles within the league? I listen to everyone, certainly not everyone will agree. I then summarize the ideas, however, focusing on the fact that this is a project that records the agreement of entrepreneurs, associations, professionals. Contacts with other center-right leaders are therefore intensifying.

Also yesterday Salvini heard Silvio Berlusconi on the phone to discuss the federation. It will not be a single party – the leaders reiterate -, but an opportunity to put the left against the wall. Every morning Letta gets up and invents a tax. Everything is needed except taxes, injections of freedom, work, care and leisure are needed after two years of pandemic. Themes relaunched by the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti at the Festival of Economics in Trento. Also Giorgia Meloni she said she was convinced that the federation was not an operation against me, but against the left. The leader of FdI a Not the Arena on La7 he clarified: I would never go against Berlusconi’s candidacy for the Quirinale. In Calabria Salvini also addressed the issue of regional elections, pointing the finger up Luigi de Magistris, mayor of Naples and candidate for governor. But does it seem normal that Calabria and the Calabrians need a failed mayor of Naples? Salvini a racist, de Magistris’ reply. The leader of the League then returned to the question Giovanni Brusca: We need to change the law on repentants. Times have changed.

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