“Federation is not against me, but against the left”

“Federation is not against me, but against the left”
“Federation is not against me, but against the left”

The federation of the center-right? “In my opinion it is also an intelligent operation … it is not an operation against me, but against the left”. So Giorgia Meloni, leader of Fdi, guest of ‘Non è dell’Arena’. “Today Lega and Fi govern with Pd and M5S” who try to get “the votes of a piece of the center-right to do what they did with Conte and I have always said that the center-right of the government must do more”, observes the president of Brothers of Italy. It is an operation, Meloni pointed out, which “I look at with absolute respect”. “I always thought that the differences were an added value … what makes the difference in politics is your identity”, remarked Meloni.

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Is it true that Draghi told you “I’m here until 2023”? “No and I didn’t ask him”, and in any case “I hope not, if we had to say it all …”, then revealed the leader of Fdi.

Would Berlusconi vote at the Quirinale? “Imagine if I would go against Berlusconi’s candidacy for the Quirinale …”. “I have always had a very straightforward relationship with Berlusconi and of enormous mutual respect. Then, I said that in my opinion Berlusconi has never completely understood me. There he is, we are two different people,” he added.

As for the upcoming elections in Rome, “today I do not care at all to put the party flag, these administrative elections are complex elections. Today in Rome it is perhaps the first party of the center-right but I want to win… is the reason why I dedicated myself to looking for a candidate who could ‘broaden’. I brought Michetti’s proposal because we are talking about a person who is unparalleled in terms of knowledge of the administration and the Capitoline machine needs someone who knows where to put their hands “.


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