Caldara-Conti, two former Atalanta returning but their future is far from Milan

Caldara-Conti, two former Atalanta returning but their future is far from Milan
Caldara-Conti, two former Atalanta returning but their future is far from Milan

As we all know, the market is not only made up of purchases and sales but also of unscheduled loans and returns. The latter category in particular includes Caldara and Conti who, after a disappointing year, are ready to return to Milan with the idea of ​​shedding light on their future. Having arrived at Milan in different summers, for both the conditions were decidedly different from the development of their adventure in the Rossoneri. The negative trait d’union for the two with the Milan shirt is the result of a mix of bad luck and a precarious physical condition that has almost totally jeopardized their use and their contribution to the Rossoneri cause. For a Milan looking for certainties in view of a season full of commitments, it is difficult for the Rossoneri to find any in two players who are looking for physical and mental continuity; their return to Milan, therefore, will be temporary and aimed at finding a new accommodation.

WITHDRAWAL AND DEPARTURE – Although the market is often recognized as a terrain of uncertainty, some contractual situations manage to be clear right away. The declared departures of Caldara and Conti seem to respond to this decision-making clarity and directed towards an outcome already written. The words of the players’ agents and the thinking of Milan, in this sense, seem to have already mapped out a path. Caldara and Conti, in fact, will play a part of retreat with Pioli’s team and then marry into a new team that the players’ agents and the via Aldo Rossi club will look for among the interested teams. Probably with their market value, Milan will try to monetize from their sales to amortize costs and reuse the treasury for other operations.

ONE IN THREE – A third, in the world of fractions, is better than zero but undoubtedly it is a small portion compared to the majority or totality. This mathematical reference, in the case of Milan, can be used for the three transfers from Gasperini’s first Atalanta to the Rossoneri club. Caldara, Conti and Kessiè, in fact, were part of that squad that generated the incredible series of results of the Bergamo club that from the battle for salvation came to battle for the high positions of the standings. The Rossoneri club, in two different summers, had won three members of that enthralling eleven and the premises for these purchases were those of great hits for the present and the future. The continuation of these operations, on the other hand, explained how only in one of the three players – Franck Kessiè – Milan found a backbone of the team. Focusing on regrets, however, does not help either the club or the individuals: both Milan and Conti and Caldara now have to look to the next season for a future that will, in all likelihood, see them distant from each other.


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