Graziella Marzioli and Emanuela Sense killed by Andrea Bocchini

Graziella Marzioli and Emanuela Sense killed by Andrea Bocchini
Graziella Marzioli and Emanuela Sense killed by Andrea Bocchini

The two women killed in Trevignano Romano by a 34-year-old son of one of the victims were called Graziella Marzioli and Emanuela Senese, who was then stopped by the carabinieri after an attempted escape by car. Bloody Sunday took place in an apartment in the lakeside town near Rome where Mrs. Graziella lived with her son, Andrea Bocchini. A quarrel that degenerated first into the murder of the killer’s mother and then into that of the neighbor, who intervened in the house after hearing the cries for help of the 65-year-old. Once at home, the 76-year-old was in turn shot and killed. The two were allegedly killed with an improper weapon, a stick or a spear, with the murder weapon still not found.

According to what has been reconstructed, Graziella Marzioli was alone at home with her son in the residential complex where they both lived. The reasons that would have sparked the fury of the 34-year-old, with drug addiction problems, are unknown. According to some witnesses, the woman’s screams would have attracted the other victim of the double murder, Emanuela Senese, a 76-year-old neighbor, who was attacked and killed with an improper weapon, perhaps with sticks.

Andrea Bocchini, who got out of his house unarmed, according to some neighbors, would then have blocked a young woman who was in the area, getting her car and running towards Bracciano. An agitated race during which he overwhelmed some cars and a cyclist (who would not have suffered any consequences) and was then blocked by the Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Bracciano. The man, subjected to TSO, was taken to hospital in Bracciano, where he is now guarded by the military.

The double murder shook the community of the Municipality that overlooks Lake Bracciano, where everyone knows each other even just by sight: “It’s a good family – tells an acquaintance -. The father had died a few years from a tumor and he was perhaps a bit hallucinating, he created some problems at home. Once he destroyed the apartment, they had hospitalized him, but now he was being treated, he was going to the psychologist and it seemed that he was getting better, that he was recovering. Then this morning around lunchtime he did what he did, there are no words“.

“The Municipal Administration and the entire Trevignano community embrace the families affected by a tragic event with affection and warmth – writes in a post the deputy mayor of Trevignano Romano Luca Galloni -. We kindly ask everyone, especially the media, to respect in silence the deep pain that our town is experiencing“.

A tragic Sunday of blood on which the investigations of the Carabinieri of the Investigative Unit of the Ostia Group are ending together with the soldiers of the Compagnia di Bracciano, intervened in the house where they then found the lifeless bodies of Graziella Marzioli and Emanuela Senese . Investigations still underway with the investigators of the weapon at work to understand the motive that would have led Andrea Bocchini to commit the double murder, while looking for the murder weapon, in all probability a stick or in any case an improper weapon. It will now be the autopsy, ordered by the Judicial Authority, to clarify the causes of the death of the two women.

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