The electric scooter explodes in the elevator, 20-year-old boy dies trapped in the flames

From the first findings it seems that it was a “malfunction of electrical origin”To cause the explosion of the electric scooter cost the life of a twenty year old boy. The facts happened to Singapore, on the second floor of the Block 537 condominium, in Woodlands Drive at number 16, in one of the residential districts of the metropolis, around 11.30 pm on Thursday 3 June: the news is reported by the local edition of the newspaper The Independent. The explosion of the electric scooter took place inside an elevator and gave rise to a fire inside the cabin that he gave the boy no escape. The 20-year-old was returning home with his scooter, he had just pressed the button on the floor where his home is located when suddenly there was an explosion and the elevator has turned into a death trap.

The first to intervene were the neighbors, alarmed by the outbreak and the black smoke coming out of the elevator shaft: they tried in every way to extinguish the flames with buckets of water and open the doors of the cabin to save the young man while waiting for help to arrive. When the ambulance arrived, the 20-year-old was still breathing but his condition immediately appeared desperate. Rushed to hospital, he died shortly after. In the meantime, the firefighters managed to put out the flames, ordering the evacuation of the entire building for safety reasons, while waiting to carry out checks on any damage reported to the supporting structure. The fire completely destroyed the lift and the melted scooter: investigations are now underway to understand the causes that led the vehicle to explode. The local authorities, in remembering with esteem the young man, engaged in volunteering, have recommended to all users of electric scooters the utmost attention.

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electric scooter explodes elevator #20yearold boy dies trapped flames

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