Enrico Pezzoli new star of digital art. Archetypes of the imaginary on display in the Ex Studio of Piero Manzoni in Brera in Milan. – Carlo Franza’s blog

In the Historic Ex Studio of Piero Manzoni in Via Fiori Chiari 16 in Milan, today Studio Zecchillo, a significant space that marked the research and new developments in art after World War II, for the project entitled “BELVEDERE(First edition 2018-2019-2020-2021), international artistic path, the exhibition entitled “Archetypes of the imaginary“By Enrico Pezzoli, new star of Digital Art.

At the inauguration a lively alternation of personalities of communication and international art, together with many teachers of the Brera Academy and its students from various countries of the world, especially from Asian countries. For many, the artist was a surprise and even more the futuristic and hyperfuturist works. But let’s get to the reading of the same, whose technique is truly specialized. Causality is only a principle, and psychology cannot be exhausted only with causal methods, because the spirit also lives on ends “, this was stated by Carl Gustav Jung. Creativity is the epiphany of the spirit. Connection and synchronicity between spirit and creativity. The creative spirit frees ideas. This is what happened with the recent chapter of the young Bolognese artist Enrico Pezzoli. With him we are at the archetypes of the imagination. Synchronicity is the term first introduced by Carl Gustav Jung in 1950 to describe a connection between two or more different events that occur synchronously, that is, at the same time, and between which there is no cause-effect relationship but an obvious one commonality of meaning. James Hillman, a student of Jung, portto a further evolution the theory of archetypes, going to outline one archetypal psychology which detaches itself from strict therapy, but connects with the cultural and imaginative forms of art, poetry, mythology, fiction. The archetypes are considered in their phenomenal manifestation, in path that everyone takes within his own soul. If we can speak of healing, it comes through the recognition of those archetypes that act in people, in the world. Archetypal psychology aims to heal them ideas, the world, more than the individual, through the myth. With Pezzoli we are at the archetypes of the imagination. Archetypal psychology considers mythology and psychology as trait d’union: indeed mythology is a psychology of antiquity, and psychology is a mythology of the modern era. Myths are tales about the relationships between humans and the Gods, they speak of universal and eternal themes, common to all humanity and all times, while psychology to explain these relationships uses modern theories and terms such as instincts, drives, complexes, etc. . Synchronicity is in fact based on the concept of archetype of the collective unconscious: a sort of absolute knowledge that belongs to all humanity and that could explain some innate behaviors, impossible calculations or prophetic dreams. Myths and archetypes are keys of fundamental importance to understand our life, to penetrate the mystery of how we are and how life is. In the light of these recent works by Enrico Pezzoli steeped in mystery and imagination, it is the artist himself who tells us: “I tried to visually render a series of synchronicities where the world of matter merges with that of the spirit through more or less elaborate symbolic archetypes ”. At present the developments of avant-garde sectors of modern physics, such as quantum mechanics, the new cosmology, chaos theory, continue to illuminate the imagination with possible concrete connections between physics and the psyche and Jung has the merit of having built a bridge between the scientific world (the demonstration of theories through empirical and clinical observation) and the world of divination (The Oracle of the I Ching, premonitory dreams, meaningful coincidences, mythopoeic imagination). Try to enter these scenarios set up by Pezzoli, places of the imagination derived from a boost of creativity and an infinite poetry that lives inside them. Fairy-tale worlds. Universes populated because astrology is based precisely on the principle of synchronicity, that is, it does not consider the “influence of the stars” in a causal sense. It is undoubtedly an extended concept of synchronicity, because it does not simply refer to an individual and his relationship with the environment that surrounds him more closely. The position of the stars in the sky at a given moment reflects the qualities of that moment, as well as the qualities of the person born at that moment.. The two things do not cause and influence each other, they are synchronic and mirror each other. Just as the Sun and the Moon bring light to the Earth, so by analogy they represent our personal connection to Spirit and Soul. The astrological Sun and Moon are opposed and complement each other, govern day and night respectively, light and dark, masculine and feminine, clarity and complexity, radiant and reflective qualities, certainty and doubt, linearity and circularity, and many other opposites associated with the opposite principles of masculine and feminine. Now, try to immerse yourself in these neofuturistic scenarios that Enrico Pezzoli offers us, staged and built through digital, an instrument capable of capturing a thousand lives in one life, a thousand reflections in a swirling movement, a thousand colors in a rain between material and spiritual.

Enrico Pezzoli was born in Bologna in 1980, he began working in 2000 at the Iosa Ghini architecture and design studio in Bologna as a graphic and web designer and since 2004 he has been working as a freelance at other studios in Bologna and Milan. He has worked for brands such as Ferrari, Maserati, Cassina, Bonaldo, Moroso, Roche Bobois, Nike, Melting ‘Pot, Diesel, Armani, Borbonese, Marni, Absolut Vodka, San Pellegrino, Enel, Panini, Opel, Mini, Mitsubishi. In 2017 he was invited by the Historian of Contemporary Art Carlo Franza to the review of the association “Amici dell’Olivo Secolare del Salento” AOSS in Palmariggi (LE) on the theme of the Tree, a work that later became part of the Pinacoteca dell ‘ Academy of the Olive tree. In 2018 it is again the Art Historian Prof. Carlo Franza to invite him to the “Scenarios” Project with a solo show entitled “Making an era. Tales of the newspaper ”at Plus Florence in Florence. Selected in June 2018 in the archive of the Malerba Fund for Photography in Milan, with a collective exhibition in Tokyo in June 2019 by the Malerba Fund for Photography at Roonee 247 gallery Tokyo and group exhibitions in May 2019 at Palazzo Chigi Albani in Soriano nel Cimino (VT) curated by Giorgio Di Genova and at Palazzo Rospigliosi in Zagarolo (RM). In June 2021, the Historian of Contemporary Art Prof. Carlo Franza invited him to the “Belvedere” project with a solo exhibition entitled “Archetypes of the imaginary” in Milan at Studio Zecchillo – Ex Studio of Piero Manzoni.

Carlo Franza

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