Volleyball, Nations League, Italy, women also scored

Volleyball, Nations League, Italy, women also scored
Volleyball, Nations League, Italy, women also scored

With South Korea comes the first victory for the women’s national team. excellent proof for Mazzaro

Italy-South Korea 3-1 (27-25, 23-25, 25-22, 25-20)

Women’s Italy also cancels the zero in the victory column. the first comes against Lavarini’s South Korea in a match characterized by long actions in which the blues have been good at maintaining concentration and patience. Excellent proof of Mazzaro and the usual Nwakalor.

It matches

Italy starts with Bosio-Nwakalor, D’Odorico-Guerra, Bonifacio-Mazzaro, free Fersino undergoes the start of sets of the Asians (lined up with Hye Seon- Jeongah diagonally, Yeon Koung- Soyoung martelli, Hyo Jin – Dahyeon central , Jiyoung free) with Soyoung leading his team on 8-3. The blues take the hit and pack a slow comeback with the wall and a wild Nwakalor (9 points in the set) conquering the set with the advantages. Second set more balanced with Korea always ahead thanks to Soyoung that the Italian wall fails to limit. The reception of Guerra and companions drops visibly and Nwakalor is not enough to repeat the overtaking of the first set. The third begins with Bosio in the serve that propitiates a promising 5-0 which however fades with the turn to serve the opposing setter Yeum Hye up to 8-8. the blue are not lost, they take advantage of a couple of mistakes and bring them back to +6 on 18-12 (Mazzaro on duty). This time the blue limit the comeback and close. And the script is repeated in the fourth set with Mingardi remaining on the pitch and Italy closing the score.

June 6 – 9:19 pm



Volleyball Nations League Italy women scored

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