An avalanche of competitions: the date X and how to access the calls

An avalanche of competitions: the date X and how to access the calls
An avalanche of competitions: the date X and how to access the calls

24 thousand new jobs thanks to the Pnrr, National Recovery and Resilience Plan: it will be competitions public and overtime to decide who will join the post-pandemic world of work or simply who will want to give themselves new opportunities and perspectives.

The sought-after figures

The final text of the Recruitment decree will see the light on Monday 7 June: out of the 24,000, the majority (about 16,500) will be destined for graduates in legal and economic subjects and employees of the trial office of the Ministry of Justice there is already a plan for 8 million euros of scholarships for graduate trainees and a slightly lower figure also for scholarships for post-graduate internships in the stationery. About 5,410 graduates and graduates will have the opportunity, winning, to be part of the IT technical support of the courts, 500 reporting officers in charge of the various ministries of which most will be based in Rome. It is also envisaged the recruitment of a thousand professionals with collaborative assignments in public administrations around Italy with the task of promoting simplification.

Competitions for top executives

Even 50% of senior executives first tier will be obliged to enter through a competition. As we read on the Courier service, a new area of ​​officials is also created for the most highly specialized profiles. From the final text of the decree on recruitment that will be operational from tomorrow, the rule that removed the one-year limit on posts for retired workers as well as the rules on bonuses for public employees should be eliminated.

How to sign up

The communications will be published from time to time in the Official Gazette: for all competitions, the portal public will be the only way of access. To register and apply, it will be necessary to have a Spid, an electronic identity card and a national service card. The Public Function Department will launch an “ideas competition” aimed at all Under 30s to identify the portal logo: there will be time until July 7 to come forward. But that’s not all: Linkedin, the most important social network in the world for making business contacts, should enter into a partnership with the Ministry of Public Administration to facilitate the hiring of 24,000 professionals and technicians on a fixed-term basis for five years as well as the creation, within August, of an online recruiting portal. The public administration aims to improve and overcome the private sector which does not have a single national portal for the intersection of supply and demand.


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