Renzi’s moves for the Quirinale

Renzi’s moves for the Quirinale
Renzi’s moves for the Quirinale

Mario Draghi okay, very good indeed, as long as you stay in Palazzo Chigi. Because his move to the Quirinale is to be avoided in every way, a total barrier is needed. Matteo Renzi, after a few months in the shadow, he is ready to give the cards again, with an awareness: the votes of Italia viva are important, indeed, for the election of the next President of the Republic. And the leader wants to use them to leave a mark in republican history: to bring a woman up the hill for the first time. “A solution that this time puts him in agreement with Enrico Letta which is betting everything on the woman effect to keep the legislature going until 2023 “, explain a in the Renzian area.

Even if the polls continue to indicate a party in difficulty, therefore, the former Scrapper is aware of his weight in Parliament, especially for the most important game of this part of the term. The one that arrives at the beginning of next year. Iv’s goal is well known: to avoid early voting in every way. An internal source explains to IV: “There are some objective elements for which we need to go to the polls in 2023, such as Draghi’s management of the first phase of the PNRR”. But it’s not just this. “There is also a question of the party. We must carry on the process of aggregation of moderate and liberal forces ”, is the second part of the reasoning gathered by Translated: we need a reorganization of the moderate area that gravitates to the center-left.

Casini, a hook to the center right

And it is no mystery that the election of Draghi to the Quirinale would decree the early end of the legislature. “Unless Matteo makes some other invention…”, they whisper, hopeful, inside a living Italy. In reality, according to rumors, the strategy is to keep Draghi in the presidency of the Council. Of course, then this also involves some sortie towards the Prime Minister, as happened with the RAI appointments. One way to return to gain greater visibility. The request for a rapid election of the new leaders in Viale Mazzini was launched by the deputy, Michele Anzaldi, and relaunched with a retweet by Renzi himself. “Draghi activates the urgent call of the assembly, which can be notified with only 8 days notice“, Anzaldi attacked, asking to”bring the assembly forward to a date by June 15 and officially ask the presidents of the Fico and Casellati Chambers to call the vote“. A controversy does not involve a break with Draghi. But it marks a new fact in the relations between the number one of Palazzo Chigi and Italia viva.

“On the Quirinal Chapter Renzi circulated the candidacy of Pier Ferdinando Casini, throwing a hook to the right to understand the reactions ”, explains a Renziano, who remained in the Democratic Party. A way to test the moods of Salvini & Co. on a name other than Draghi’s. Even if Casini himself, without exposing himself, underneath hopes to represent a good mediation for everyone. Then there is a paradox in the whole affair. Despite the mutual dislike, once again the 5 Star Movement is destined to become an involuntary ally of Renzi. In August 2019 it served to avoid the vote after the fall of the yellow-green government. Now the pentastellati are functional to stop Draghi’s journey to the Quirinale. The parliamentarians of the M5S do not think about the early vote and on the other hand, after reluctantly accepting the former president of the ECB at Palazzo Chigi, they prefer not to commit suicide by supporting him for the presidency of the Republic. And Renzi appreciates.

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