Sister Mainetti proclaimed blessed, was killed in 2000 in the name of Satan

Ceremony at the municipal stadium of Chiavenna – The beatification ceremony was presided over in the municipal stadium of Chiavenna (Sondrio) by Cardinal Marcello Semeraro, prefect for the Causes of Saints, who pronounced the formula for the nun, aka Teresina Elsa Mainetti, of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Cross.

Feast in his honor on 6 June, the day of his martyrdom – After the proclamation, a great applause rose from the faithful, all well spaced, with white and yellow masks and hats, colors of the Holy See. The feast of the new Blessed, according to the papal decree read during the function, will be celebrated precisely on June 6, “the day of her birth in Heaven”. The tapestry depicting Sister Maria Laura was not exhibited during the ceremony due to the weather conditions, in particular the strong wind that blows over the town almost on the border with Switzerland, and will be exhibited later in the Diocese of Como, of which Chiavenna makes part.

The beatification process – It was the bishop, Monsignor Oscar Cantoni, who first addressed the petition, in the name of the Diocese and of the Sisters Daughters of the Cross, for the Pope to enroll Sister Maria Laura in the number of Blessed. So it was the postulator of the cause of beatification, Francesca Consolini, who proposed a brief biographical profile of the martyr, before Cardinal Semeraro presented the apostolic letter in which Pope Francis recognizes Sister Maria Laura as Blessed.

Sacrifice to the devil – A reliquary containing a stone soaked in blood was then placed on the altar and collected in via Poiatengo, in Chiavenna, in the hours after the discovery of martyrdom. Briefly describing the circumstances of the nun’s death, the postulator recalled that, in their ambush aimed at the 61-year-old nun, the three young murderers, “steeped in Satanist ideologies, wanted to sacrifice a consecrated person to the devil”. Today the three have changed their identity and live far from Chiavenna, between Rome, Turin and the Veneto.


Sister Mainetti proclaimed blessed killed Satan

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