Forza Italia marginal, but Tajani does not change –

The national coordinator dwells on the difference between merger and federation, ignoring the substance of the problem. And above all the revolt in Forza Italia. Then there is the example of “his” Ciociaria, where the party is crushed in the grip of the allies. With a lot of past bleeding and current quarrels.

Antonio Tajani makes disquisitions at the tip of lexical or metaphorical interpretation. But the political substance is that in Forza Italia there is a revolt over the hypothesis of a federation with the League, which would lead to a subordination dictated by numbers and percentages before political will.

To the Libero newspaper Antonio Tajani he said: “At present there is no hypothesis of a merger with the League. Salvini made a proposal for a federation, not a merger. We have begun to examine the subject“. And on the possible annexation by the League, Antonio Tajani explained: “Never gonna happen. We will never be subjected or annexed to the Carroccio. We are proud of our identity, of our history. And then there would be a problem in Brussels“. Then the usual argument: “We are part of the EPP, the League is not. And therefore, at the community level, one cannot make a single group. Another issue is whether Salvini decided to start a process of approaching the EPP. We could facilitate this journey. But the League has never asked us to”.

Antonio Tajani

Ma Berlusconi’s opening as it was received in Forza Italia? Response from Antonio Tajani: “Berlusconi wants the collaboration of all the forces that make up the center right. Yes to more solid forms of collaboration with our partners, no to the renunciation of the symbol and the history of FI. Our Party has a unique heritage of international relations, has credibility abroad and a culture of governance. The existence of Forza Italia is good for everyone. Instead of talking about fusion, I think the best model is the House of Freedom”.

The revolt in progress

Usual arguments. The essence is that there is revolt in Forza Italia. The ministers raised their voices against the federation hypothesis in a meeting via Zoom Mariastella Gelmini e Mara Carfagna.

According to what Corriere della Sera reported, for both ministers the federative hypothesis would be equivalent to “sell out to the League“. But there are many discontent in Forza Italia. Also Maurizio Gasparri, Sestino Giacomoni and the leader of the young forcers Marco Bestetti they would have expressed their opposition. Also according to Corriere della Sera, the first step of the new federation would be the union of parliamentary groups between Lega and Forza Italia, so as to form a single team of center-right government: the goal would be to have greater weight in decisions and to counter the numerical strength of the parliamentary groups of the Democratic Party and the Grillini.

Antonio Tajani with Silvio Berlusconi

But the final goal would be even more ambitious, namely that of weigh in the choice of the new President of the Republic and try to pull the sprint to Silvio Berlusconi, who has never hidden his ambition to aim for the Colle.

In this scenario, however, we lose sight of (e Antonio Tajani is the first to lose sight of it) the substance of the problem. That is, the marginality of Forza Italia, especially in the provinces. Like that of Frosinone. And surprisingly Antonio Tajani, having roots in the area, don’t realize it.

A firm, blocked, quarrelsome Party, which in these conditions cannot raise its voice at the negotiating table, not even for the municipal ones. Without considering the many bleeding in recent years. Much of these would have been avoided if there had been more politics and more attention to the territories. Which, in essence, they only asked for: consideration and attention. He cannot give it a totally centralized party like the Forza Italia of these years: very different from the first that later merged into the People of Freedom and of which it bears only the name.

But for Antonio Tajani evidently everything is fine like this.

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