Luxury “Bottega” beyond the museum

Luxury “Bottega” beyond the museum
Luxury “Bottega” beyond the museum

A small piece of museum to bring into the everyday life of your home. It is the philosophy with which on Monday the bookshop of the Pinacoteca di Brera reopens. Indeed the “Bottega Brera”, as director James Bradburne wanted to call it to underline the artisan quality and the uniqueness of products and publications for sale.

The new manager, Civita Mostre e Musei, has kept the previous space and furnishings intact, but has introduced several new features. First of all, tomorrow begins by reopening the virtual doors thanks to a new online site From Tuesday, then, the opening will also be in the shop with entrance into the courtyard of the Palazzo di Brera with continuous opening hours from 10 in the morning to 19 in the evening, that is, beyond the opening hours of the museum. The idea is that Brera remains open as much as possible, even through his shop. “As in the future of Brera post Covid, the in-person experience is complementary to the offer of online content uploaded to the Brera plus platform, so too the Bottega Brera will be open virtually 24 hours a day through the site bottegabrera.orgExplains Director Bradburne.

Therefore, the concept that the online experience integrates the face-to-face one and vice versa also applies to shopping. From the site you can order guides and catalogs of the Pinacoteca, the Braidense library, the Academy and the Botanical Garden, but also customized Brera and limited edition design objects directly at home.. For example, the Culti perfume or the Fornasetti plate in the “Brera variation”, or even vases and lights by MU’Factory or the resin vases and jewels by Fish Design designed by Gaetano Pesce; the Murano glass jewels by Marina and Susanna Sent; objects by Danese for Bruno Munari and works by Enzo Mari. Among the most curious novelties there are the Morandine by Sonia Pedrazzini: decorative bottles inspired by the paintings of Giorgio Morandi present in the Pinacoteca. Fashion is also represented through a series of accessories such as leather goods by Il Bisonte, the foulard by Trussardi or the ties of the ancient Neapolitan tailoring of the Cilento brothers.

In short, aluxury shop setting that the director brought to Milan from his experience in Anglo-Saxon countries where exclusive shopping is customary in museum bookshops and coexists with souvenirs – postcards, bookmarks, pencils or magnets – which reproduce the works of the collection at low cost.

But the director has also paid particular attention to his other passion: children. A selection of small volumes is proposed for them, including Valentina Edizioni’s collection of “Ghosts of Brera”, “All the fault of the giraffe”, “The blind keeper” and “Emma and the blue baku”, the books written and edited by director James Bradburne. But there are also amazing pop-up books; volumes by Hervè Tullet; Montessori books and author’s fairy tales to accompany the little ones into the world of art. If, therefore, the spaces and furnishings of the Bottega have remained almost unchanged, with the walls covered with blow-ups and phrases from the protagonists who have made the museum great (from Fernanda Wittgens to Ettore Modigliani to Bruno Munari) the proposal has become wider and in tune with the elegant shops of Via Brera and the entire district.

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