The absurd guerrilla scenes in the heart of Milan’s nightlife Video

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06 June 2021 18:22

Throwing bottles from one side of the square to the other. Guerrilla scenes those captured by smartphone cameras at the Columns of San Lorenzo in the night between Saturday and Sunday 6 June. The launches, which thankfully did not cause any serious injuries, began around 11:45 pm, according to what has been learned from MilanToday. According to an initial reconstruction, it seems that two groups of young people, for no apparent reason, have begun to quarrel and in a few moments have passed to the de facto streets. The images were published on Instagram by OrgoglioMilanese.

Also on the night between Saturday and Sunday, a 26-year-old boy was stabbed a few meters from the Columns of San Lorenzo.


absurd guerrilla scenes heart Milans nightlife Video

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