“It was tough, but everything went well” – Corriere.it

“It was tough, but everything went well” – Corriere.it
“It was tough, but everything went well” – Corriere.it

“It was tough, but in the end everything went well.” Vittorio Sgarbi via social media announces that he has defeated the disease that has struck him in recent times: a tumor, told by the same parliamentarian and critic during several live broadcasts. “I thank all those who took care of me (I do not mention names because the list would be long) and in particular the doctors and nurses of the Oncology department of the Regina Elena Hospital in Rome”, announced today, “then who, every day, he stays by my side and deals with my “rudeness”. I felt the physical suffering of those who fight this evil, but I want to say that cancer can be cured. For this reason, to those who are facing a challenge like this, I say: resist, resist, resist! Fuck the whale. And to the goats ». In recent weeks, the mayor of Sutri had undergone cancer treatment but has never failed on TV or in his video interventions on social media where he appeared on some occasions tried.

“Serie B compared to Covid”

Last March, al Courier service, he had said: “I am suffering from cancer. I found out a couple of months ago while taking blood tests for a checkup. Blood is like a language, it says it all. There is an enlargement, there is something they are analyzing. I have no metastases of any kind and, fortunately, the thing is limited. The doctors are studying the situation ». Sgarbi had also denounced: «Only today this disease of mine seems to be of series B, less important than the mythology around the pandemic. In the classroom they make me keep the mask, which is bad for my illness and is not used to fight Covid, which I can no longer have because I have already done so. A paradox. My case should be solved with radiotherapy but oncology, in general, today is the victim of the media terrorism that is done for the pandemic ».

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