Sister Maria Laura Mainetti, the nun killed by three girls “in the name of Satan” is blessed –

Sister Maria Laura Mainetti, the nun killed by three girls “in the name of Satan” is blessed –
Sister Maria Laura Mainetti, the nun killed by three girls “in the name of Satan” is blessed –

«Killed 21 years ago by three girls influenced by a satanic sect. Cruelty. Just her that he loved young people more than anything, who loved and forgave those same girls, prisoners of evil. Sister Maria Laura Mainetti he leaves us his program of life: to do every little thing with faith, love and enthusiasm ». The words of Pope francesco, pronounced on Sunday morning at the end of the Angelus, ideally opened the celebrations for the beatification of the nun of the Daughters of the Cross killed on 6 June 2000 by three girls who were minors at the time, who felt they were acting “in the name of Satan“. They lured the nun into a dark alley with a scam: the youngest telephoned the convent and told her she got pregnant after a rape. Sister Maria Laura left the convent along via Lena Perpenti, which the administration would now like to name after her. Then the massacre: the nun was stunned with a blow of a tile on the head and mangled with 19 stab wounds.

Today that alley, where a cross remembers it, is the destination of numerous pilgrimages, as well as the Collegiate Church of San Lorenzo, the church of Santa Maria and its room, which has remained intact, inside the former Immaculate Institute in Chiavenna. Already the 2500 seats available at the Chiavenna municipal stadium have been sold out for months to attend the beatification ceremony, Sunday at 4 pm, presided over by Cardinal Marcello Semeraro, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, and in the presence of the bishop of Como, Oscar Cantoni.

The rite – broadcast live by Expansion TV – animated by a hundred singers from all over the diocese under the white tent shaken by a strong wind, the case containing a stone soaked in blood and collected at the place of martyrdom adorned with flowers brought to the presbytery, the Eucharistic celebration and the bishop’s words: “May the beatification of Sister Maria Laura inspire a high sense of responsibility, especially for the protection of young people, in this time of great educational emergency“. As she was hit repeatedly, kneeling on the ground the nun asked God to forgive her assassinsis. To confess it during the interrogations were the three girls, now forty, who after serving their sentence changed their identity and rebuilt their lives. Today Sister Maria Laura Mainetti is blessed.

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