Does not wear a mask: taken away by force by the subway

Does not wear a mask: taken away by force by the subway
Does not wear a mask: taken away by force by the subway

A week after the video of the woman on the plane went viral, it’s another short clip stolen to gain the social scene. This time, however, the scenario is the Milan subway, where a woman refused to wear the mask contravening the rules established against coronavirus contagion. The video was posted on the Instagram page Welcome to favelas, a profile known for video reporting of the most degraded and uncivilized things happen in the area.

According to the video that began to bounce constantly on social media, everything would have happened in one of the stops of the red subway in Milan, the M1. One woman, who may also have some psychic problems, refused to wear the mask. The other passengers, probably after having invited her to wear the safety device also to protect her health, then carried out the reporting to the ATM, which prepared the intervention. As has been known for more than a year, on board public transport and in metro stations it is mandatory to wear a mask to avoid coronavirus infection. The woman, however, did not want to hear reasons and so the operators were forced to call the security for the intervention. The State Police also intervened on the post.

After trying to convince the lady to get off the convoy, given her evident reluctance to follow the security officers, the woman was forcibly withdrawn from the four-man wagon, who took her outside. Only then was the train able to leave, but without the woman. There is no news of the woman and it is not clear whether she was fined for non-compliance with the rules against contagion. As can be seen from the images, this is a person of advanced age.

Every day there are various interventions by security personnel for people who refuse to fulfill the obligation to wear a mask on board the vehicles. There are also numerous quarrels between passengers for the same reason but it is difficult to see scenes like these. The best known dates back to a few months ago. It was a different context but on that occasion, inside the hall of the Chamber of Deputies, it was Vittorio Sgarbi to be carried away by the exiles of Montecitorio because he had refused to wear the mask correctly and had raised the tone during the discussion.


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