The Italy of the right is a natural fact

The Italy of the right is a natural fact
The Italy of the right is a natural fact

They believed they had the country back in their hands, with Covid that would relaunch the left, as Speranza writes in his clandestine book, and with the Giallorossi government. Instead, in a few months the dream was shattered. And now in Repubblica they cry because Italy has become “the country of the right”, an “anomaly”, as an alarmed piece wrote yesterday because, for the first time, the two parties with the highest consensus in the polls are “sovereignists” , That is Lega and Fratelli d’Italia, which ousted “Berlinguer’s heir party” (which would be the Democratic Party).

Well, if the Molinari newspaper and the left generally put on opaque lenses to look into the distance, they don’t have to complain if they crash regularly. First of all, their prediction that Covid would weaken the right and the moderates was wrong. Having the governments focused entirely on the politics of fear and order to face the pandemic, it is not strange that in the end the citizens would have turned to those who know this order better, and with greater cohesion, such as the right-wing parties. As seen in Spain and the United Kingdom in the recent local elections: not to mention France, where the next regional ones are announced as a bloodbath for Macron and the left and Le Pen is ten points above the president.

This is why, and it is the second point, that Italy is an anomaly is completely out of place. Historically, Italy has never been a country for the left, which has never really won the elections and has managed, especially in recent years, to stay in power thanks to building combinations and the dysfunctional nature of our political system. (this is an anomaly). After all, the 2018 elections had seen a victory for the “populists”, the 5 stars of the time had been voted by many right-wing voters, who now seem to have returned home. And in any case, the causes that had produced that result and, upstream, Trump and Brexit, have not been addressed and indeed in some respects have worsened.

Finally, and it is the third argument, what harm is there to being the country of the “right”? Maybe Salvini and Meloni are not democratic leaders? Aren’t they legitimized by the vote? Do they intend to introduce authoritarian and liberticidal legislation? But what if it was mainly them who thundered against the sanitary imprisonment? Strange dictators

As President Mattarella rightly said on 2 June, the Republic belongs to everyone, no one should feel excluded. But evidently in the Republic that wants a Republic, there is only room for the left. The Italians, however, think differently.

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