“Attacked by plainclothes policemen”, but Polfer denies any violence. The case of the two students stopped in Turin

“Attacked by plainclothes policemen”, but Polfer denies any violence. The case of the two students stopped in Turin
“Attacked by plainclothes policemen”, but Polfer denies any violence. The case of the two students stopped in Turin

An episode on which it will be necessary to clarify. On the one hand there is the version of two young men arrested, on the other that of the agents. Two foreign students, a 31-year-old Venezuelan and a 22-year-old Chinese, who are engaged, claim that some railway police officers (in plain clothes) have used violence against them during a detention that took place on Thursday near the Porta Nuova station, in Turin.

The version of the two young men

According to their story, reported by TorinoToday, the two were going to take the subway in Corso Marconi when they were joined by a car from which three men who qualified as policemen got off. The two claim that the boy was then beaten and thrown on the ground and the girl was taken to the offices of the polfer in via Nizza after an escape attempt and was then denounced for resistance.

“They put a knee on my neck and treated us with xenophobia,” says the boy, a political refugee who studies at the Conservatory. His girlfriend instead studies at the academy of fine arts. “The attacks continued even when they brought us into command,” he adds.

Immediately after the incident, the two went to the Mauritian hospital to be referred and then turned to a lawyer, who said that in the next few days they will file a complaint. The Chinese embassy in Milan was informed of the incident.

For Polfer, the two boys would have tried to evade a check

Very different is the version of Polfer which instead denies everything and denies that the agents have used any kind of violence: it would have been a detention, perhaps a bit rude, of two people who would have tried to escape control. What happened in the command of via Nizza is however documented by the cameras inside.

The video showing the final stages of the arrest

Meanwhile, today TorinoToday has published a video showing the final stages of the arrest released by the lawyer Federico Burzio (which we have blurred and cut in order not to make the agents recognizable). The lawyer announced that a complaint will be presented to the prosecutor against the policemen who arrested the arrest: the two young people, in fact, would have been mistaken for wanted robbers and were convinced that they were victims of kidnapping. Furthermore, the agents are accused of having had xenophobic behavior. This video actually shows only the final stages of what happened. Secondly, it remains to be understood what happened in the railway police headquarters, where the two say they have suffered further violence. In this case, however, the investigators will have the full images available as the entire interior of the building is monitored by cameras. As we explained above, the railway police deny that they used brutal methods against the two young people and that they did so because they tried to evade the controls.

Young foreigners blocked in the street by policemen in Turin: the images

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