Giorgia Meloni – Libero Quotidiano also risks

Giorgia Meloni – Libero Quotidiano also risks
Giorgia Meloni – Libero Quotidiano also risks

Massimo Cacciari looks with disenchantment at the rise of the sovereignists. “I don’t see where the surprise is: one or two parties hardly change, we are talking about an area that is now a large majority in the country. But what did we expect after what we have done in the last twenty years, from the unfortunate D’Alema government to the Party Democrat never born until cyclone Renzi “. Cacciari thus comments on the novelty proposed by the League of the federation with Fi, “dismissing it as a shortcut to the premiership”, he explains in an interview with Newspaper.

“I do not think these are the operations that really interest the electorate, they are maneuvers by the political class. The intent is to counter the rise of Giorgia Meloni endorsing and strengthening a vaguely more pro-European position than in Salvini’s past. Forza Italia’s perspective is to give support and authority to a figure like Salvini, making him pass for a moderate, a figure who would then find himself as a leader for the future. Forza Italia can help Salvini in the relationship with the European People’s Party, thus giving him a passport for the candidacy for prime minister, a guarantee card, he can give him the endorsement of those who really matter in Europe. But they are party things. They understood that Salvini by being a sovereign to the bitter end cannot govern the country and so they decide to reset a bit “, explains Cacciari.

Cacciari also explains the role of the leader of FdI: “Meloni is experiencing a great rise, if she wants to be the prime minister it is clear that she must be the most voted. A purified Salvini would represent a problem for her. But the desalvinized Salvini seems a joy to me. utopia”. As a center-right leader he explains that, “there is a competition in that field, whoever gets the most votes gets the premiership. They’ll see it inside. I don’t see on the horizon. a Count or a Draghi, an external figure who can emerge within that coalition. It seems to me that in the center-right the electorates are very communicating and have always added up without major problems, except when there was an expression of public enmity in Umberto Bossi’s 94 towards Silvio Berlusconi. Conditions are different today“, concludes the former mayor of Venice.

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Giorgia Meloni Libero Quotidiano risks

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