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lessons against violence against women – Corriere.it
lessons against violence against women – Corriere.it

The news of Elena’s tragic death has left us speechless. We are all saddened, especially the teachers, some had followed his school career for five years. Giorgio Ragusa, the head teacher of the Setti Carraro high school, where, in 2018, Elena Livigni Gimenez, the 21-year-old Milanese with dual Italian-Spanish nationality, graduated from the balcony of the hotel in Ibiza where she was staying with her boyfriend, who died, in turn, falling, in the same circumstances.

While the investigations continue, the professors at the Setti Carraro turn a thought to his family. A young life broken in such tragic circumstances cannot fail to leave us sad and we are close to his parents and his brother. We remember Elena’s enthusiasm, her being full of life and her interest in foreign languages. After graduating from the classical high school with a European address, he continued on the path of studying new languages. He had also participated in themed projects, promoted by the school. And she graduated three years ago, in the last baccalaureate session which included the third test. The following year it was abolished, explains the principal. Among the hypotheses for Elena’s death, under investigation by the investigators, there is also murder-suicide. But regardless of the case in question, the school is already planning, for the next school year, projects that explore the theme of violence against women. On Monday there will be a minute of silence in the classrooms.

Our predominantly female audience – says Ragusa – And femicide and gender-based violence are issues that must be addressed. Also in the light of news cases such as that of the young Saman, killed for refusing an arranged marriage, and of all the others. Whenever I look at my students I wonder if they are experiencing problems, in their life or in the family. The school should be able to intervene in a more incisive way to help children, in case of need, especially if the family, from a place of protection, becomes a cause of pain.

Elena attended the European classical high school, a rather demanding course, given that, in addition to Greek and Latin, two languages ​​are also studied, namely English and French, as well as law and, in the end, a double diploma is obtained, recognized in Italy and in France. And Elena was not lacking in motivation. I had her in class for all five years. I saw her grow up recalls Cristina Dendi, an English teacher at the Setti Carraro. Friday, his cell phone rang. They were her alumni and Elena’s classmates. Elena is gone, they told me, very delicately, deliberately without mentioning the even more tragic side of this story, which I later learned from the newspapers, explains the teacher who had remained in contact with Elena for some time, even after graduation. Contacts that then thinned after the move to Spain.

Elena had a real talent for foreign languages. She was a citizen of the world. She had grown up in an already multicultural and stimulating environment thanks to her family and, in her high school years, had continued to cultivate her interest in languages. He had enthusiastically participated in our projects, including a ten-day trip to Washington. And with some classmates a beautiful friendship was born which, I’m sure, continued even after graduation. Now my thoughts turn to his family. At school we are all upset.

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