Coronavirus, Sileri: “Waiting for the vaccine, every family at least two free tampons a week to travel”

Coronavirus, Sileri: “Waiting for the vaccine, every family at least two free tampons a week to travel”
Coronavirus, Sileri: “Waiting for the vaccine, every family at least two free tampons a week to travel”

ROME. In order to travel this summer, while waiting for the vaccine, the Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, proposes “two free tampons per week per family”. Guest to Sunday In, on Raiuno, he reiterates that “for those who are vaccinated, the tampon is no longer necessary”, but those who are still waiting for the injection must be guaranteed the possibility of ruling out the positivity before traveling.

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Meanwhile, the epidemiological situation in Italy continues to improve, so much so that the Covid-19 infection curve is among the lowest in Europe. Also this week there is a decrease in the incidence of cases – a fundamental parameter for deciding the placement of the Regions in the color bands – which touches the value of 32 per 100 thousand inhabitants, and the transmissibility index Rt falls again, to 0.68. , and hospitalizations for Covid. “In the white zone – the undersecretary reiterated, it will be possible to eat outdoors without limitations of places, while indoors it cannot be more than 6”. And “we hope that this limitation will also be removed soon”.

The positive trend is reflected in the occupation of hospital beds for Covid. In fact, this week, no Region exceeds the critical occupancy threshold for ICU beds (where the occupancy rate is 12%, below the critical threshold of 30%, and where hospitalized people go from 1,323 to 1,033 in a week) or medical area (with an employment rate of 11% and inpatients that go from 8,577 to 6,482). A turning point is therefore emerging, with all the Regions and autonomous provinces classified as low risk. The detection on a daily basis also indicates decreasing numbers, albeit with physiological fluctuations. «Things – comments the Undersecretary of Health – are going very well, we still have 57 deaths today, but a month ago there were 400 and intensive care has also dropped. Today three regions in Italy register zero patients admitted to intensive care, in Valle d’Aosta, Molise and Basilicata. The population must now feel free and protected thanks to vaccines, let’s leave terror behind. With the month of July the complete and absolute turning point ».

Undersecretary Sileri hopes that the green pass will give access to greater freedom: “As soon as possible we will have to get to a point where we will also be able to dance if we have the green pass”, because “I do not see how much risk there is in being able to return young to normal. You also go to the disco to socialize, to communicate. So let’s use the green pass and maybe reduce the number of people ». If the number of young people vaccinated continues to rise, “the chances that someone is not checked, has no vaccine or swab and is positive, are very low”.

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