Civic Uses Committee: “The Prefect of Rome invites the Agricultural University to renew its offices”

Civic Uses Committee: “The Prefect of Rome invites the Agricultural University to renew its offices”
Civic Uses Committee: “The Prefect of Rome invites the Agricultural University to renew its offices”

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We want fair elections right away! The Municipality, the Region, two hundred members with their signatures, the citizens through our Committee asked for it and now the Prefect is asking for it who, after having patiently listened to their reasons on May 24 and not considering them valid and plausible, wrote a second letter to the Agricultural University (also sending it to the competent management of the Lazio Region and to the Municipality of Civitavecchia), in which he reiterates more forcefully that: “the further continuation of the governance currently in office would not be consistent with the principles of reasonableness and good administration “
and “hopes for a reassessment of the schedule set for the renewal of the organs”.

Reading the article, written by the UA that appeared in the local media a few days ago, it seems that De Paolis and his collaborator Delmirani went on a prize trip to the Prefect, to receive an official commendation after the “numerous and incisive activities carried out in act during this electoral mandate !!!! “. Instead they returned to Civitavecchia “beaten” and telling another story.

But it is possible that the President does not realize that the time has come, to immediately call the elections, after more than a year of delay, to carry out the renewal of the offices and to disappear, with his closest collaborators, from the panorama of this city. , having only caused damage to our community?
It is also convenient for them since sooner or later they will have to compensate the 5000 damaged families with years of unjustly imposed civic restrictions. They caused the blocking of construction works, deeds of sale / succession and even the inability to access the 110% benefits with enormous damage
for the construction sector and for the city economy. The 1200 oppositions to the Monaci appraisal, the position taken by all the political parties and the Mayor, the judgments of the Commissioner for civic uses 66/2019 and 43/2020, won by the applicants and immediately appealed by De Paolis, deaf at each call and entrenched himself in the folds of controversial legislation.

They continue to spend the money still available to search on lawsuits
to prove the indemonstrable. Yes, because now even the expert witness of the Lazio Region Prof Petronio has presented his report in the trials at the Commissariat and agrees that there are no civic uses. And the expert witnesses of
those lawsuits are presenting their reports and confirm the non-existence of civic uses. Only the AU administration fails to acknowledge this simple reality and continues to oppose forcing citizens to continue the lawsuits; we ask ourselves at this point if they can understand the meaning of the writings
which by now are really many.

But what will they ever want to achieve with a halved Board of Directors after the
resignation of five directors from December 2020, with complaints of irregularities at the Prosecutor’s Office and the finance that investigates! In the latter period, the UA was also censored by the Lazio Region and by various associations (Environmental Forum, Lipu, WWF) for having implemented a PGAF (Management Plan for
Forest Settlement) in deviation from what was foreseen, causing, as has been defined by many parties, an environmental disaster on land owned by the community.
Yet until today they have established, always with borderline procedures, that they want to start the electoral campaign in October 2020 with the evident intention of carrying out the elections even in 2023.

But why do they not accept what the political world, the institutions and the whole community now ask with full rights? What are they trying to get or hide and what are the real interests that motivate this
absurd resistance to leaving the management of the institution?

They must leave immediately, after so much damage caused, because their mandate has expired for over a year and reflect, as long as they are in time, on the warnings that are sent to them from various parts and now also by the Prefecture when it warns that they risk ” to compromise the validity of the acts put in place ”and, we add, to pay compensation to the many damaged citizens.


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