Students occupy the Liceo Parini in Milan: “We want evaluation and teaching based on dialogue”

From Friday 4 June, the student collective began occupying the Parini high school. The students limited themselves to occupying the ground floor of the school, “without blocking the lessons in the presence, with the intention of staying the night too”.

They ask that a periodic and permanent moment of discussion be established between the student representation and the teaching staff.

“We students have representatives on the school council, but the teaching staff takes care of the teaching. Therefore we ask to be able to meet with them to talk about our problems and to ensure that there is even greater dialogue between teachers of different classes “ explains Elisa.

“We wanted to talk to authoritative voices to have confirmation not to make far-fetched requests” explains Simone who participated in the online meeting attended by Raffaele Mantegazza, pedagogist and professor at Bicocca, Cristiano Corsini, professor of experimental pedagogy at the Roma Tre University, the Mercurio Association, Giuseppe Bagni, national president of the Center of initiative democratic teachers and elected member of the higher council of public education, and the developmental psychologist Carlo Trionfi.

“We talked about the relationship between teacher and student and they supported our request to have a different school, with an evaluation and teaching based on dialogue and comparison”, tells the pupil.


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