New Cav-Salvini phone call: “Forward for a united center-right”

New Cav-Salvini phone call: “Forward for a united center-right”
New Cav-Salvini phone call: “Forward for a united center-right”

Contacts continue between Silvio Berlusconi e Matteo Salvini after the Northern League leader’s proposal to create a federation with the center-right government parties. After the phone call between the two presidents yesterday, today there was another one that had the very idea of ​​a federation as its main topic. The interview was cordial and constructive to begin to discuss and lay the first foundations of a project that is taking shape and which, as stated to Stefano Zurlo for The newspaper, Matteo Salvini would like to lead to port already in June. However, “every decision on this point will be taken on the occasion of the Forza Italia presidential committee scheduled for next week“, sources of the blues know.

Sources inside the League reveal that Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini “they agreed that the project is important and positive: it will be open to all coalition groups that support Mario Draghi“. The two leaders have made it clear that all parties will have equal dignity and no one will prevail over the other. The two leaders are currently discussing the first parts of the possible agreement, even if within the parties remain skeptics, such as ministers. Mariastella Gelmini e Mara Carfagna.

During a meeting on Zoom that was held yesterday, it was Silvio Berlusconi himself who announced to the Azzurri the willingness of Forza Italia to sit at a table to discuss the federation. During the meeting, the Knight stressed that Forza Italia does not accept an annexation agreement. The national coordinator Antonio Tajani, therefore, he added that “it is not a merger or a single party“. “I think the best model is the House of Liberty“, Tajani specified.

But the reassurances did not convince Mariastella Gelmini: “I am for a definitely united but plural center-right. The role of the various political components should not be watered down in a federation“. Giorgio Mulèinstead, on La7 he commented: “The Draghi government was born precisely because President Berlusconi put the interest of the country at the center over the interest of the party, demonstrating once again the identity values ​​of Forza Italia. Now that he is back on the pitch it is only right to trust his intuitions for the future, to rely on his foresight“.


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