Rome kills mother and neighbor then invests cyclists

Rome, a 35-year-old man kills his mother and neighbor: then runs away and hits a group of cyclists

He kills his mother and neighbor, then runs away in a stolen car and runs over a group of cyclists before being stopped by the carabinieri.
It is the gory tale that emerges from Trevignano Romano (municipality of the capital on the lake of Bracciano). The events took place around one o’clock today Sunday 6 June 2021. The double murder it was perpetrated by a 35-year-old man, AB, as reported by AdnKronos, for reasons still being examined by investigators.

Fortunately, the group of cyclists hit did not suffer serious damage. Also according to what was learned from Adnkronos, the man suffers from drug addiction problems. The agents of the Bracciano weapon are carrying out all the investigations on the case.

Rome, corpse of a man found in a suitcase

In the meantime, again in the past few hours and always in Rome, new disturbing details have sprung up on the story of the corpse found in a suitcase left in the garbage in Piazza Federico Sacco in Rome, a few steps from the busy metro stop of Santa Maria del Soccorso.

Luca De Maglie, 37, would have died a week earlier at home. “I did not know how to deal with the body, in the end I decided to take it away”, said the partner, 39, to investigators, according to Corriere della Sera.

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Photo source: ANSA


Rome kills mother neighbor invests cyclists

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