Pd, “ius soli by the end of the term”. Because the dem are out of reality – Time

Pd, “ius soli by the end of the term”. Because the dem are out of reality – Time
Pd, “ius soli by the end of the term”. Because the dem are out of reality – Time

Andrea Amata

06 June 2021

The Democratic Party, in a compulsion to repeat, undertakes trajectories that diverge more and more from reality in order to satisfy that ideological instinct from which it is unable to emancipate itself. The pandemic tsunami has overwhelmed our economy, causing the landslide of 10 percentage points of GDP, eroded employment quotas and weakened the psychological stability of the country, but for the Democratic Party the priority is to fan the ius soli flag, disguising the easy concession of citizenship as a triumph while it would be the premise for activating migratory flows of paroxysmal intensity towards our borders. The new head of Immigration of the Dems, Matteo Mauri, in an interview released in recent days to the newspaper (La Repubblica) founded by Eugenio Scalfari, openly declares that the objective of the ius soli must be achieved by the end of the legislature.

Once the term left evoked the theme of work, while today it appears obsessed with electoral “manpower” and being an increasingly scarce resource within national borders, it plans to source it from foreigners to naturalize. Citizenship cannot become an automatism, but the consecration of a path of authentic integration. Furthermore, the data on the granting of citizenship place us above the EU average, documenting a primacy that makes innovative ambitions on the legislation governing the procedure for obtaining the title of citizen futile.

The latest data available for 2019, published by Eurostat, inform us that out of 706 thousand people naturalized among EU member states, 127 thousand new citizenships were granted by Italy, followed by France (109 thousand), Spain (99 thousand ) and Sweden (64 thousand). Only Germany precedes us with 132,000 contributions. The numbers confirm that there is no urgency to simplify the requirements for acquiring citizenship, having one of the highest level of attribution of citizen status in Europe.

The ideological structure of the Democratic Party continues to impose itself on the political agenda which should include more current issues closer to the needs of the population, especially in the current phase that is overwhelmed by the still smoking “social rubble” that require massive support interventions to raise the sections of the population most affected by the crisis.

In the interview mentioned, the exponent of the Dem imagines the convergence of the political forces coalesced in Count 2, sacrificing the stability of government in order to hoist the banner of easy citizenship on Parliament. The left babbles about “temperate” ius soli and ius culturae, subordinating the granting of citizenship to increasingly flexible criteria, to mask the project of automatism that would provoke an imposing attraction of migratory flows, persuaded to orient themselves en masse on our borders while to take advantage of the advantages related to the accelerated obtaining of citizenship. Democratic secretary Enrico Letta has accustomed us to anachronistic proposals, divorced from contemporaneity that has been worn down by 16 months of Covid, such as the introduction of new taxes, the vote for sixteen year olds and the insistence on ius soli.

Meanwhile, the Parliament in Denmark has approved a law, at the instigation of the Social Democratic government led by Matte Frederiksen, which arranges the investigation and processing of asylum requests in a “third country”. Therefore, for the Scandinavian left the borders are sacred and inviolable. While, Italic progressivism seems dissociated from reality and stubbornly bound to the dogmas of a welcome alien to the canons of sustainability.

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