Passante, Forza Italia relaunches the South one: “It costs and pollutes less”

Passante, Forza Italia relaunches the South one: “It costs and pollutes less”
Passante, Forza Italia relaunches the South one: “It costs and pollutes less”

With the municipal elections approaching, the issue of mobility is back in force in Bologna. And with this in mind Forza Italia relaunches, with the first of a series of press conferences on the issues that will be the subject of the electoral campaign, the proposal of the South Passante to try to stop the Passante from the middle and therefore find an alternative solution to the problems of the Bologna motorway junction.

According to engineer Giovanni Crocioni, member of the provincial coordination, there are no doubts: even if “it could meet the needs for which it was designed, given its size”, not only the Middle Passante “would be a terrible and impactful infrastructure “, but in any case” it would not take into account the fact that, of the 210,000 vehicles that cross the Bologna node every day, according to pre-pandemic data, 120,000 are linked to local mobility “. For Crocioni, in fact, “all the projects that have followed one another so far have taken into account only the motorway mobility, ignoring the local one”.

It would be better, he argues, to focus on the South Passante and the trivialization of the ring road. This is because, he details, this project – which “provides for a 12-kilometer motorway bypass, with two lanes in each direction and emergency lane, between the Sasso Nord and San Lazzaro toll booths, 11 kilometers of which in a natural tunnel deep under the hill and one of the viaduct over the Rhine – not only would it be “less impactful and would not affect urban and metropolitan mobility”, but it could also “be built in two years”, a period of time shorter than that which would require the construction of the Middle passer-by (which “would paralyze the city for five years”), and “would cost even less, about 1.2 billion euros against 1.6”.

On this point, there is a jab to the aspiring center-left mayoral candidate, Matteo Lepore, who according to Crocioni “thinks to mitigate the problems that will be caused by the Middle Passante with crafty ecological patches such as electric recharges along the motorway or pieces of greenery “.

Among other things, observes the regional councilor Valentina Castaldini, this could be the right moment to rethink the project related to the Bologna node, given that “thanks to the money from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, the best solution can be considered” , unlike what the center-left does, he argues, which “does not think about what is best for the city, but only about what is best for a system that has governed Bologna for 50 years”.

Similar speech regarding the tram project, which in any case “will be the subject of a specific initiative in the future”: for now, Crocioni limits himself to listing a series of critical issues relating to this solution, whose “sole purpose seems to be to discourage private mobility “. As for the Passante, according to the engineer, the tram project “is very impactful, of poor performance compared to costs, and brings with it the serious problem linked to the duration and impact of construction sites, at least as regards the red line. which is the only one for which we already have some data “. In short, Castaldini and Crocioni conclude, “we will fight until the last useful day for a better solution” to the problems of the Bolognese road network. (Say)

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