Rome, a man’s corpse in a suitcase: new details appear

There are new disturbing details on the story of the dead body found in a dumpster in Piazza Federico Sacco in Rome, a few steps from the busy metro station of Santa Maria del Soccorso. Luca De Maglie, 37, would have died a week earlier at home. “I did not know how to deal with the body, in the end I decided to take it away”, said the partner, 39, to investigators, according to Corriere della Sera.

Rome, corpse of a man in a suitcase: the couple’s background

The woman had already been reported to the authorities, on April 8, for having forgotten the son of only 2 years in the car, and was identified by the police after the discovery of a trolley wrapped in cellophane and left in the garbage.

For a few meters the agents followed the traces of blood, which at one point gave way to a strong smell of bleach. The 39-year-old allegedly tried to make the evidence disappear with a rag.

The companion had several precedents penalties for drugs, theft, computer fraud and drunk driving. He was subject to the obligation to sign at the Carabinieri station of Santa Maria del Soccorsio. The hypothesis is that he died for aoverdose in home.

An autopsy was arranged on the body which will be carried out in the Department of Forensic Medicine of the La Sapienza University. The causes of death and the possible ones will thus be clarified responsibility of the woman.

Rome, corpse of a man in a suitcase: the hypotheses against his partner

The woman, denounced on the loose, is currently being charged with concealment of a corpse. However, the investigators speculate that she did not act alone, as she stated, but that she may have had one or more accomplices.

For this reason, reports the Corriere della Sera, the registrations surveillance cameras in the area and which could have filmed her alone or in company while carrying the sturdy trolley towards the bins.

There are still many unknowns around this disturbing case of news. Starting from the exact time of death, the type of drug she may have used, the possibility that it could be saved with a call for help, and the possibility that the woman received visits after her partner died.

The house of the two has been placed under seizure and sieved by the Flying Squad and the Forensics. The experts also installed a mobile laboratory to analyze the artifacts found at the site of the discovery of the body.

Starting with the trolley, inside which Luca De Maglie’s body had been threaded for half, while the remainder had been wrapped in plastic closed with adhesive tape.

The alarm came at 7 am on Friday 5 June from a passer-by, who noticed dark liquid dripping from the suitcase onto the sidewalk. Upon their arrival, the policemen would have been immediately spotted the head man in cellophane.

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Photo source: ANSA

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