Saman Abbas, the uncle in chat after the disappearance: “A job done well”

The role of Danish – The fear is that the young woman was killed by her family for opposing an arranged marriage. According to the prosecutor, Danish is the material perpetrator of the young woman’s murder. To corroborate the thesis on his role, there are the first statements of Saman’s brother, blocked at the border while he was on the run with his uncle and his two cousins ​​and who is now in a protected structure. The young man in fact said that his uncle confessed to him the crime. As well as the images in front of the Novellara farmhouse.

Saman’s fear – From the judicial indiscretions, it also emerges that the young woman, before disappearing, was worried because – as she herself told in a voice message to her boyfriend dating back to April 30 – she had heard her mother Nazia Shaheen talking to another person. and to say that the only way to force a woman to abide by the Pakistani rules of life was to kill her.

In the audio of the “secret” boyfriend, a compatriot not accepted by the family, Saman said he spoke with his mother after hearing the sentences about the killing and asking her if they referred to her. Nazia had denied, but the 18-year-old had not calmed down at all: “I heard it with my ears, I swear they were talking about me. I’m not confident,” she said. According to the testimony of her boyfriend, in short, Saman feared for his life, so much so that he said to the young man: “If I do not make myself feel alert for two days, the police forces”.

The story – After denouncing her parents opposing an arranged marriage, the young woman lived in a protected structure in the Bolognese area, but on 11 April she had decided to return to her home in Novellara. On the judicial front, the prosecutor always awaits extradition to question his 28-year-old cousin Ikram Ijaz, arrested in Nimes, France while trying to reach some relatives in Spain. Him, along with another cousin and uncle Danish Hasnain, 33 years old, were the first investigated after appearing in the first suspicious video taken by the same cameras near the family farmhouse, dating back to April 29, in which with two shovels, a crowbar, a bucket containing a blue sack, they head towards the countryside. For the investigators at that time they would have prepared the place to hide the body.

The deputy prosecutor Laura Galli moreover, in the next few days it will set the hearing for an evidentiary incident to hear a minor close to the Pakistani community, informed of the facts and who is now in a protected location. She would tell the investigators that her uncle would kill her. The latter would be found in Pakistan, where it is nowhere to be found.

As well as the parents – the father Shabar, 46 years old, e Nazia Shaheen, 47 years old – suddenly returned to their homeland in early May (as shown by the boarding lists at Malpensa, where Saman did not appear) and also ended up in the register of the prosecutor in charge of the murder file. The father had stated in an interview with the Rest of the Carlino that “his daughter was alive in Belgium” and that “he would return on 10 June to clarify the matter”. But the carabinieri do not believe the version. Finally, the question arises as to why Saman returned home on 11 April, interrupting the protection program in the community.

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