“Only the Roma track remains standing” – Libero Quotidiano

“Only the Roma track remains standing” – Libero Quotidiano
“Only the Roma track remains standing” – Libero Quotidiano

“Only the rom track“. On the case of Denise Pipitone intervenes on social networks Piera Maggio, mother of the 4-year-old girl who disappeared on September 1, 2004 from her home in Mazara del Vallo and never returned. And these are very heavy words, which precisely address the investigation that has resumed with renewed vigor in recent weeks, making a clean sweep of the many rumors and allegations that have been taking hold in recent months.

2021 saw a multiplication of testimonies and comments on Denise’s case, with the “media bomb” of the alleged Russian track then dramatically deflated with a surreal staging on Moscow TV (it was the famous Olesya, the alleged “double” of Piera Maggio that the authors of the show had indicated as possible “Denise grown”). From then on, the voices of magistrates and opinion leaders overlapped, dusting off the famous Roma woman from Milan in the company of a child, Danas, who resembles Denise. And again, the deaf-mute elderly man who had reported details on the alleged kidnapping that took place that day in Mazara. All “archive” material, on which talks and investigative broadcasts had dug in the previous 17 years, which, however, in the light of some “details” that emerged over time had taken on a new suggestive light. And precisely on this point mother Piera wants to clear the field of any possible misunderstanding or illusion:

“CLARIFICATION – he writes -: We have always looked for the truth about Denise’s kidnapping, even trying to make it emerge. Partially telling facts that have already been verified, making allusions that lead to nothing, certainly only serve to create allegations and defamation . Know that in the first instance sentence, the only alternative track highlighted by the defendant’s lawyers was only and only the ROM track, NOT OTHERS. This is to make everyone understand, that despite some disagreements, there were no conditions for accusing others belonging to Denise’s close circle of family members, because they collaborated, their positions were examined, clarified and excluded from the investigation “.

Clear words that also seem to excuse Anna Corona, ex-wife of his partner Piero Pulizzi, and her daughter Jessica Pulizzi. The first would be investigated by the Public Prosecutor of Marsala (news given by the Fourth Degree on Rete 4 and never confirmed), the second had been acquitted of kidnapping charges.

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Roma track remains standing Libero Quotidiano

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