Vaccini, record-breaking Italy: under-16 membership boom in Rieti, Naples vaccinates Italians residing abroad, Open days multiply

Vaccini, record-breaking Italy: under-16 membership boom in Rieti, Naples vaccinates Italians residing abroad, Open days multiply
Vaccini, record-breaking Italy: under-16 membership boom in Rieti, Naples vaccinates Italians residing abroad, Open days multiply

The record of over 600 thousand administrations in one day and in Bari the first doses of the vaccine already inoculated to the first 150 fragile 12-year-olds. The vaccination campaign rises above the expected quota of General Francesco Figliuolo, who rejoices: Italy is in second place overall in Europe in terms of fully immunized population, immediately after Germany and ahead of France and Spain. The new goal, arriving in the next few days, will be the achievement – at least with the first dose – of half of the vaccinable population (currently 24.5 million out of 53). In the country that is gradually moving towards the abandonment of restrictions towards a total white zone, the only knot still to be solved remains the date on the opening of discos. But the issue has now entered the agenda and next week, perhaps Tuesday, a first conversation could start with the ministerial technicians.

Open Night a Torino

Meanwhile, the Open days and Open Nights set up for vaccines are multiplying throughout Italy. Vaccination points for children are open everywhere and in several regions. In Turin yesterday’s initiative was a success: to the sound of music, complete with DJ sets, in the night there were a thousand young people between 18 and 28 who, between 21.30 and 3.30, were vaccinated in the Reale Mutua hub. An initiative carried out in collaboration between Reale Group, Asl Città di Torino, CDC and Regione Piemonte which, as already announced by the governor Alberto Cirio, will be replicated because “there is really a great desire to restart together”.

The joy of the boys during the AstraNight: “Getting vaccinated is a great gift after so many sacrifices”

Boom of vaccines for 12-year-olds in Rieti

And this morning in Rieti the Junior Open day started. And it was an instant hit. The first Lazio Junior Open day dedicated to children between 12 and 16 years has started in Rieti. The first vaccination was carried out at 9 o’clock. 120 Pfizer doses were planned for the appointment. And there are those who, for fear of not being able to get the number, reached the provincial hospital de ‘Lellis already last night. «I was afraid of not being able to get the vaccine – said a 12 year old, one of the first to get vaccinated – I have been here since last night. It is important to get the vaccine to return to freedom ».

Emma Giordani, head of the vaccination campaign for the Rieti ASL: «Given the great adhesion we have doubled the number of doses for today’s initiative. At the moment there are about 200 children who will be vaccinated ». And he adds: “The operations are taking place regularly – he adds – we delivered the numbers with double matrix dividing into groups of 20 children per hour to ensure the vaccination process for about 200 people”.

In Naples Pfizer Open day for Italians residing abroad

The Asl Napoli 1 Centro organizes a Pfizer open day, from Wednesday 9 to Sunday 13, for citizens registered in Aire, the Registry of Italians residing abroad, and who are temporarily present in its territory of competence (municipalities of Naples , Capri and Anacapri). This is the vaccination calendar, in the hub of the maritime station at the Angioino pier, with free access and without booking on the platform. Wednesday 9 June, surnames from A to D; Thursday 10 June, surnames from E to L; Friday 11 June, from M to P; Saturday 12 June, surnames from Q to Z; Sunday 13 June, any letter. In all five days the operations will take place from 8 to 18. Access is free but the registration to AIRE must be obtained at the time of acceptance at the vaccination center. The regional platform will automatically verify through the tax code, but the operators – specifies the ASL – will not be able to intervene in any way if the registration does not appear in the system.

In Foggia vaccine for adolescents

From tomorrow, Monday 7 June, the administration of the anticovid vaccine for adolescents aged 12 to 15 in conditions of extreme vulnerability, severe disability or rare disease will start at the Policlinico Riuniti in Foggia. The hospital company itself communicates it. Parents or legal guardians of young patients candidates for anti Covid-19 vaccination are contacted directly by the staff of the Operating Units that treat them to make a dedicated appointment at the Colonello D’Avanzo Vaccinal Clinic located in Foggia. It will also be possible to contextually vaccinate cohabitants who have not yet been vaccinated.

In Bologna the average age is 28 years

Young and very young, average age 28 years: these are those who from this morning at 8 are participating in the second open day for the anti-Covid vaccine organized by the Ausl Bologna at the sports hall in Calderara di Reno. subsequent controversies for free access on 2 June at the fair in the Emilian capital, for this second day access to the vaccination hub had to be booked in advance online. The “assault” took place but yesterday and only virtual, with 2,500 bookings in just two minutes: the available doses were 500 for the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine and only as many people over 18 received the confirmation text message with the time to to introduce yourself. A dozen citizens without reservations still tried to show up one hour before the hub opened but were invited to go home. The operations – from 8 – are taking place quickly and above all without crowds or moments of tension. «The pace is one vaccination per minute, there are no waiting times. Everything is going smoothly »says Stefania Dal Rio, director of the Pianura Ovest district. The first to get vaccinated was a boy from nearby Casalecchio di Reno, among the 5 thousand evacuated for the defusing of an old military device in progress today. He had an appointment at 2 pm but he arrived earlier precisely because of the defusing operations, his dose was brought forward.

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