In Milan there will be a new type of car sharing

In Milan there will be a new type of car sharing
In Milan there will be a new type of car sharing

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06 June 2021 13:36

The goal is only one: to reduce the number of private cars parked in Milan. For this reason Palazzo Marino is trying to create a new “fixed stall” car sharing system that can also serve commuters who live in the Metropolitan City. In recent days, the Sala Giunta has approved the guidelines of the new public notice that will be published in the coming weeks.

“The enhancement of the car sharing system – highlights the councilor for Mobility Marco Granelli – is part of the wide range of shared vehicles available in the city and is consistent with the objectives that this Administration has set in the Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan and confirmed through measures such as Area B. Measures that have the intention of reducing polluting emissions, decreasing the circulation of private vehicles and favoring public transport or the use of sharing. And for the end of this call, or starting from 2024, Another ambitious step forward is foreseen: the introduction of exclusively electric fleets for an ever greener Milan “.

How “station based” car sharing will work

The “station based” system is based on the presence of stations where the rental is started and concluded thanks to the positioning of the cars in predefined stalls. Therefore, the notice of the municipality foresees to make available to interested operators special stalls on public land, which will be assigned in an onerous concession following a public tender procedure.

The tender will also provide that “station based” fleet vehicles are plug-in or extended range electric, hybrid, methane (also bimodal), LPG (also bimodal), petrol fueled vehicles, respecting the most performing pollution standard at time of entry into service.

The vehicle fleet must be periodically renewed, in order to always be in line with EU regulations on the emission of pollutants and CO2, and must have the characteristics required for circulation without derogations in Area B and Area C.

The car sharing service must be ensured continuously for all days of the year, 24 hours a day with a minimum fleet of 100 vehicles, with 153 parking spaces available over 100 locations. The operator must guarantee a suitable assistance service through an operational call center for the entire duration of the service.


Milan type car sharing

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