“This Italy knows how to win”

“This Italy knows how to win”
“This Italy knows how to win”

There is great confidence and optimism around Roberto Mancini’s national team. Even the former technical commissioner Marcello Lippi, in an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport, does not hide his hopes for the possibilities of Italy.

Lippi on Mancini’s Italy

“These guys know how to win. They are aware of their strength, of their superiority. It is not presumption but self-esteem. Those two friendlies with top opponents would have been convenient but now we’re here. Ready “.

Lippi on Insigne and Barella

“Insigne was impressive against the Czechs. He always plays with great quality in a context that seems made for him. As soon as Italy has the ball, they all start vertically in the spaces and Insigne is ready, both from outside and more in the center, as on the other hand in Naples. Stretcher? It will be the surprise of the tournament. His time has come. I like how he plays, how he fights, how he runs. Our star is him “.


Italy win

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