Brugnaro launches a DC style shield, the new symbol of ‘Courage Italy’

Brugnaro launches a DC style shield, the new symbol of ‘Courage Italy’
Brugnaro launches a DC style shield, the new symbol of ‘Courage Italy’

A tricolor ‘shield’. With the words ‘Courage Italy’ in the foreground. It is the new symbol deposited a few days ago by Luigi Brugnaro, the mayor of Venice who decided to take the field to create a group in the Chamber with 23 deputies (11 ‘subtracted’ from Silvio Berlusconi), together with Giovanni Toti, first step towards a center party, an alternative to Forza Italia and the sovereign front, represented by Lega and Fdi. On June 3, the Venetian entrepreneur, as Adnkronos learns, filed a logo in person at the Patent and Trademark Office of the Ministry of Economic Development, graphically different from the one presented on April 15 by the association ‘A joint venture’. which is also the owner of the website, created in 2015 to launch the candidacy of the ‘patron of Umana’ at the helm of the Serenissima.

Many wonder why, precisely in the days when Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi strengthen their axis and launch the center-right federation, Brugnaro wanted to create another ‘brand’ with a clear graphic reference to the crusader shield, the historic emblem of the old DC. What strategy is underneath? Is it preparing to launch a civic list to be deployed at the autumn administrative offices or will this perhaps be the symbol with which it could run to the next policies? According to the latest rumors, in fact, Brugnaro would be very tempted by a candidacy in Parliament. Confirmed mayor of Venice in September of a year ago, the owner of the basketball team Reyer still has about four years ahead of him as a city administrator and those who know him well are betting that the idea of ​​running for the 2023 elections teases him more and more . All the more so now that he has embarked on a national adventure. The only obstacle would be the ineligibility of mayor if he decides to run for a seat in Montecitorio or Palazzo Madama. Article 60 of the Tuel, the Consolidated Law on Local Authorities, speaks clearly: he would be forced to resign six months before running for office.

The shape of the shield is striking in the new mark, which contains the wording ‘Coraggio Italia’ and displays the tricolor in plain sight at the bottom. It almost looks like a ‘patch’ from a national team, but what stands out above all is the reference (graphic and political) to the ‘shield’ of the Christian Democrats. Who knows if Brugnaro has deliberately evoked the White Whale, a center party par excellence, given that with Toti he aims to aggregate all the centrists in search of identity in a Salvinian-inspired center-right. Not only that, but someone points out that in the trademark just deposited there would also be a reference to the League: the shield is also present in the symbol of the Carroccio, where the leader Alberto da Giussano is depicted with a shield on his arm and a sword raised to the sky. .

The shield has always been considered synonymous with defense, protection, but also with strength, capable of uniting under itself, as happened with the DC, heterogeneous forces of right and left, centrist and of Catholic inspiration. For now, there is only one graphic version of the ‘shield’, in black and white. Cards in hand, there are three versions, however, of the logo deposited in April: one has the word ‘Coraggio Italia’ inside a circle; in another the writing is enclosed in a square; the third mark consists of an imprint depicting the words ‘Courage Italy’, in fanciful characters, with the ‘I’ of Italy of larger size.

Brugnaro, they say, would be ‘looking for a home’ for himself in Rome and a location for ‘Coraggio Italia’ (for now, his headquarters when he comes to the capital is the Eden hotel). Together with Toti, the mayor of Venice is working to create a group also in the Senate, where he stopped at 7 with the addition of the blue Sandro Biasotti. (by Vittorio Amato and Antonio Atte)

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