the victim had been missing for months

the victim had been missing for months
the victim had been missing for months

CATANIA. The state of decomposition of the corpse, found by the carabinieri yesterday, made identification difficult. But the investigative trail that the investigators had been following for several weeks already led them to a disturbing but clear discovery: the body of the 26-year-old Enzo Timonieri was found in the agricultural land in the Vaccarizzo area. An investigative input that did not betray the information obtained and that led to the discovery of the body on which fatal gunshot wounds were found: a shot would also have been exploded to the head. The victim, Enzo Timonieri, was a familiar face of the police who had already ended up in prison in the past for drug issues and who in San Cristoforo was known as “U dancer”.

The motive and the weapons found in Librino

Meanwhile, we are digging into what the motive could be which led to the killing of Timonieri, news given in the evening by and on whose identity the victim is expected the official character of the investigators who, presumably, will arrive only after the autopsy examination: a victim who has been missing for months and whose traces had literally been lost. At least until yesterday, before the tragic discovery.
A murder for which it will be far from irrelevant to understand whether it was committed on the site of the macabre discovery or committed elsewhere, then abandoning the body.
In the meantime, it must be said that some weapons belonging to a criminal commando were found in Librino. Perhaps a direct connection with the Vaccarizzo crime for which Timonieri may have been the victim of an ongoing war between rival clans.

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