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Seid, the red vultures and the bales on the ius soli

Seid, the red vultures and the bales on the ius soli
Seid, the red vultures and the bales on the ius soli

Why, despite the (heartbreaking) letter in which Are he complained of being watched “with hatred for cause” of her “dark skin” was written in 2019 (two years ago!), has the progressive press pulled the headlines beyond belief, transforming his terrible death into yet another case of xenophobic intolerance? Because, despite the father has immediately cleared the field of any misunderstanding by ensuring that “racism has nothing to do with it” with the suicide of his adopted son, Roberto Saviano immediately jumped to the throat of Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni accusing them of being “two proud racists” that “they practice cruelty and ruthlessness”? Because, although the center-right has kept the sad news story outside the perimeter of politics, Enrico Letta it was thrown on by raising (for a change) the only right as if selling off Italian citizenship to irregular immigrants served to fight the racism?

Once again the red vultures have bent reality to ideology. Once again the silence was struck by the hatred that invaded the message boards of social networks with arrogance. Once again an opportunity was missed not to throw everything into politics. At the base of it all is a letter (written two years ago) in which Seid vented certain looks that made him feel bad. But that letter, the boy’s father, Walter Visin rightly points out, “it was an old thing”. “It was an outlet – he explains in an interview to Republic – Seid was exasperated by the climate that reigned across the country at the time. But no connection with hers suicide, no more speculation “. His words were not enough to stop the dem assault. And the boy’s death was immediately brandished to shoot him on the right. “I hope that even a ‘certain’ policy will reflect on the consequences of his contemptuous words”, wrote Laura Boldrini on Facebook yesterday afternoon. Letta went further: today, in a chat with Republic, in fact, reiterated the firm will to press the accelerator on the reform of the Italian citizenship. “We aim to approve the law on new young Italians within this legislature, I am working for a political agreement between the parties”.

But does Letta really believe that, if ius soli were already law, there would be no more episodes of racism? Are you really convinced that giving Italian citizenship, shortening a process that already exists and works, can somehow change the perception within our society? He does not think rather than certain episodes of racism and of intolerance, all to be condemned no ifs and buts, are the result (as well as ignorance) of good-natured policies that have opened the doors of our country wide to tens of thousands of desperate people who have gone to swell that army of illegal immigrants living in the shadow of illegality? In recent days, speaking of ius soli a How many stories on Rai 3, the secretary piddì explained that the central theme is “integration”. To integrate, however, we must first enforce the rules. Without these, degradation and insecurity, fear and mistrust flourish. And a law and a sheet of paper are not enough to erase them.

Faced with another heartbreaking news case, that of Saman Abbas, one wonders why Letta did not fight in the same way to understand what happened to this young Pakistani girl from Novellara who dreamed of being free like her peers. Why didn’t he spend a single word condemning this case of non-integration? Why didn’t he denounce those Muslims who still today, in the folds of our society, manage to force their daughters to arranged marriages and make them disappear into thin air when they rebel? The ius soli would not have saved Saman, bridging the sidereal cultural distance that had arisen with his parents and relatives, just as it would not have saved Seid who, it should be emphasized, having been adopted, already had Italian citizenship. To say, therefore, the opposite is a stretch that does not help anyone. An integration based on respect for others and for the rules, an integration free from the progressive ideology of indiscriminate welcome, is the only answer we can give to all of this.hate. And in any case it is a (long) path that is not accomplished with proclamations.

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