NEW WEEK, from Monday RAIN SHOW and some REGIONS also risk SUDDEN CLOUDS »

NEW WEEK, from Monday RAIN SHOW and some REGIONS also risk SUDDEN CLOUDS »
NEW WEEK, from Monday RAIN SHOW and some REGIONS also risk SUDDEN CLOUDS »

Weather: NEW WEEK, RAIN PARADE already from Monday and some REGIONS also risk SUDDEN CLOUDS

New week with a slew of rains and thunderstormsThe new week will open with a Monday already very turbulent and characterized by a slew of rains and local storms on some regions.

The summer taste that for a few days has enveloped practically the whole of our country has already given way to one new parenthesis of whimsical weather. L’African anticyclone in fact, after having practically deluded us, he lost energy and one thunderstorm disturbance he immediately took the opportunity to report clouds, showers e temporal especially on the northern regions. As we have often reiterated, the spring season just ended but also this early meteorological summer, were characterized by continuous ups and downs as it had not happened for a long time. On balance the reason must be sought precisely in the low energy by thehigh pressureand that it still fails to conquer dominion in the Mediterranean area.
This uncertainty on the meteorological front will also accompany us for much of the new week destined to always spend with the classic and spiteful storm around the corner on many regions.

So let’s see in more detail how the weather will behave for the next few days.
Starting from the day of Monday 7 June here is that the weather will continue to have many tantrums. Showers e temporal will be on the agenda especially in the afternoon on most of thealpine arc, pre-alpine and on many stretches of flat land especially on those of Triveneto. Locally the phenomena may also result from strong intensity with sudden storms e hail.
Things won’t get better at either Center where to make the most of it in terms of bad weather will be in particular the internal areas and the Apennine ridge, from Tuscany, all Market and fromUmbria until the Lazio and toAbruzzo. Here too they are expected temporal strong.
Also in the afternoon some outbreaks thunderstorms will reach the twelve o’clock especially the Campania, the Basilicata and the Puglia, while on Calabria and on two Major Islands the weather it will be quieter and partly sunny.

Tuesday 8despite a less interference gods temporal on the plains of the North, the situation will not change much with a frequent one thunderstorm activity more widespread in the afternoon, especially close to the alpine and pre-alpine reliefs and to descend on many stretches of the Center-South. Phenomena also intense are expected on reliefs from Campania, of the Basilicata up to the north of Calabria. Still dry weather on the two major islands.

Later from Wednesday 9 the pressure will begin to timidly to increase but the general weather picture will continue until weekend to be characterized by a kind of latent instability possible on all regions. In a nutshell, especially in the afternoons, they will often faint threatened by the development of sudden temporal which will penalize the areas in the first place mountainous but with occasional encroachments towards the areas flat e i coasts especially the Tyrrhenian ones.

Given the strong dynamism and atmospheric unpredictability, we strongly advise you to follow the next updates with greater attention.



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