Rome, thirteen arrests in the last week in the suburbs for drugs

Rome, thirteen arrests in the last week in the suburbs for drugs
Rome, thirteen arrests in the last week in the suburbs for drugs

Maximum attention of the Rome Police Headquarters the fight against drug dealing, especially in the suburbs. The specific anti-drug services carried out also this week arrested 13 people. In particular, the investigators of the police station Porta Maggiore, for some time, they had suspected a possible significant drug trafficking near an ethnic ‘convenience store in the Rocca Cencia area. Given the logistical difficulties to approach the place discreetly, the police resorted to a sophisticated remote recognition system that made it possible to identify 2 Nigerians as drug dealers, subsequently identified and arrested.

Thanks to a stalking service, then, it was possible to identify the drug dealer base in an apartment, inside which, during the blitz, just under 6 ounces of heroin still kept inside ova were seized. The same investigators, with similar operating procedures, also arrested 2 Romans found in possession of hashish and cocaine. And again, 3 minors and a 50-year-old were arrested in the VI Casilino District: adolescents, aged between 15 and 17, were selling hashish and cocaine in the Tor Bella Monaca neighborhood.

The adult, on the other hand, was stopped after a short escape by the agents of the Flying Section, on Via Casilina, wearing hashish. In the Fidene area, a 26-year-old boy was surprised by officers from the Flying Section with 12 doses of cocaine in the car. The agents of the IX Exposition District arrested a 39-year-old Romanian in the Ardeatina district; the man during a check was found in possession of a dose of cocaine, and then, by searching the car, and precisely in a hidden compartment near the battery, another 5 grams of the same substance were found. At home, however, just under 2 thousand euros and the material for the packaging of the drug were found. The man was also investigated for driving without a license.

It was a few days later that the investigators of the V Prenestino District they saw a woman sitting on a low wall in via Manfredonia; realizing that the same could sell drugs, the police stationed themselves, discreetly, thus documenting the cocaine transfer. Substance that the same hid in a water meter and “transported” to the customer, hidden in the mask. 350 grams of marijuana and 1200 euros were then seized by the investigators of the Romanina police station from a 32-year-old stopped near the parking lot of a supermarket in Tor Tre Teste. The pusher was waiting for customers and believed he could only evade the control of the police by moving a few hundred meters. Suddenly caught, he was then arrested

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