Climate change, 203 are suing Italy: “It is in default” –

Climate change, 203 are suing Italy: “It is in default” –
Climate change, 203 are suing Italy: “It is in default” –

Declare the Italian state in default in the fight against climate change and condemn it to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 92 percent by 2030, to prevent temperatures from rising beyond the levels set by the Paris agreement. These are the two objectives for which, yesterday, on the occasion of World Environment Day, hundreds of citizens, supported by environmental associations and scientific institutions, sued the state. This is the first legal dispute carried out in Italy to ask the government for concrete action against the climate change underway.

The presentation of the lawsuit took place in Piazza di Montecitorio, where the applicants organized a flash mob to give a strong signal to Parliament. Under the rain and the curious gaze of the first tourists who return to stroll through the streets of Rome, the arrival of a man and a woman from the future was simulated, with the aim of warning humanity of the catastrophes that would happen if they did not acted in time. At the moment the lawsuit has been notified to the counterpart, in the next ten days it will be filed. It was signed by 203 people, including 24 associations, 162 adult citizens and 17 minors represented in court by their parents.

The initiative, promoted as part of the Universal Judgment campaign, coordinated by the A Sud association, born in Italy after the success of the climate litigation against the state carried out by other European countries. For example in Netherlands, as explained by Marica Di Pierri, spokesperson for the A Sud association, where after six years of trial since 2013, winning all the levels of judgment, in 2019 the sentence became final and therefore the Dutch State was sentenced to multiply its efforts to reduction.

The idea of ​​suing the state originates from the sad positioning of Italy in sixth place in the ranking of countries that have registered the most climatic victims. An alarming picture of which the government is aware but for which adequate national climate policies have not yet been implemented.

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