Fai Cisl Calabria: satisfaction for the initiative “Make Italy beautiful”, involved the territories of the five Calabrian Provinces

Fai Cisl Calabria: satisfaction for the initiative “Make Italy beautiful”, involved the territories of the five Calabrian Provinces
Fai Cisl Calabria: satisfaction for the initiative “Make Italy beautiful”, involved the territories of the five Calabrian Provinces

Also held in Calabria on Saturday 5 June, coinciding with World Environment Day, the initiative of the third edition “Make Italy beautiful”, which the Fai Cisl trade union, in collaboration with Terra Viva and Fondazione Fai Cisl-Studi e Ricerche, launches throughout the country to raise awareness on the issues of environmental care.

“This year in Calabria we intended to organize more actions conducted in different sites and characterized by small concrete gestures with a great educational value for the dissemination of a culture of nature – says the Secretary General of the Calabrian Fai Cisl, Michele Sapia, in a note disseminated in the final balance of the day -, several events were organized throughout the region. Many, in fact – continues Sapia -, the areas involved and it may be useful to scroll through the list: Foce stream Colognati, Corigliano-Rossano; Visciglietto locality, municipality of Sorbo San Basile; Pineta Siano in Catanzaro; Locality Prato San Pietro Lametino, Lamezia Terme; Abetaia Madama Laura in the Morici Jacurso area; Playground located in Papanice; Fontana Cerchiaro diuretic water, Caccuri; River Nica, municipality of Crucoli; Pinewood of Sant’Onofrio; Angitola Dam; Municipal house of Cicala; Rione Sant’Antonio, Municipality of Scandale; Marina of Melito di Porto Salvo; Pentimele Hill Road; Agricultural company associated with Terra Viva in Stilo; Road to Motta San Giovanni; Gambarie d’Aspromonte; San Ferdinando beach; Area of ​​the Monte Stella Sanctuary, Stilo; Green area of ​​Schiavonea, Corigliano-Rossano; Spezzano Albanese theme park; Montagnola, municipality of Acri; Roggiano Gravina; Church of Santa Maria del Patire, Corigliano Rossano; Fountain in the Prato district, Spezzano Albanese; Cliff in the locality of Zolfara Corigliano Rossano.

There were, therefore, many – highlights the regional Secretary Michele Sapia with satisfaction – the moments that saw workers and workers, volunteers and sympathizers of Fai Cisl as protagonists together with the commitment of managers, operators, union delegates and their families. This day was undoubtedly a precious opportunity to highlight the importance of land maintenance and environmental care, to practice simple gestures capable of arousing greater daily responsibility and avoiding habits that damage the environment and the people who live there. . To demonstrate that a change of pace is needed, the large amount of abandoned waste that was collected during the regional initiative of Fai Cisl and the various maintenance and care activities of various spaces and green areas.

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly made the organization of “Make Italy beautiful” more complex, but it has not stopped the will and enthusiasm of the many willing people who today have shown love for nature and whom we thank for the commitment, passion, willingness to take the field for the common good.

With this initiative – concludes the Secretary General of Fai Cisl Calabria – our region now has cleaner and more cared for areas and landscapes. But there is certainly a need not only for greater individual responsibility, effective information and good examples: interventions and investments in favor of the environment and human protection are also needed, actions to sensitize the various generations, to safeguard landscapes and beautiful sea areas and of mountains in a land like Calabria, which boasts an extraordinary landscape and naturalistic heritage appreciated by all, but not in the same way respected ».

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