Italy still struggling with ROVESCI and TEMPORALI early next week, the details «3B Meteo

Italy still struggling with ROVESCI and TEMPORALI early next week, the details «3B Meteo
Italy still struggling with ROVESCI and TEMPORALI early next week, the details «3B Meteo

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Weather trend starting next week

SITUATION. During the new week, the weakening of the anticyclone along its northern perimeter will determine an increase in instability also in Italy. To complicate matters, there will also be a flow returning from the east to the height of Northern Italy between Monday and Tuesday and a flow of northern currents on the regions of the Center-South, flowing along the right edge of the anticyclone. In addition to the central-northern regions the weather is therefore destined to become more unstable also on part of the South next week, with showers and thunderstorms that will culminate in the afternoon-evening hours and that will spread from the mountain areas to most of the Po Valley and the Center-South, often also involving the coastal areas.

MONDAY the day will be characterized by a marked variability with some rain or showers already in the morning in Piedmont, on the Northeast and parts of Central Italy, especially Lazio and Abruzzo, but also part of the southern peninsula between Campania and upper Puglia. In the afternoon hours there will be a general intensification of instability with rains and thunderstorms, in particular near the Alpine and Apennine areas also in Southern Italy, with phenomena also strong and locally accompanied by hail that will cross over to the upper Po Valley and the Northwest by evening, but also to the hinterland of Central Italy, up to the high Puglia. It will only get better on larger islands and Ionian regions, with more spells. Falling temperatures also in the South.

TUESDAY clouds, showers and thunderstorms will be concentrated mainly in the daytime hours near the mountain areas, to quickly extend to most of the plains and locally coastal stretches of the Center-North, diminishing however in the course of the evening. Better on the larger islands with broader spells, but in the evening it will tend to lighten also over a large part of the Center-North, while thickening and showers will linger in Calabria and will begin to involve part of the north of Sicily. Temperatures will lose a few degrees, especially in the South, with the heat that will therefore be reduced compared to the final days of the current week.

Subsequently the anticyclone will try to reinforce and expand from southwestern Europe towards central Europe around the middle of the week favoring a greater stabilization of time, even if in the daytime some thunderstorms will always be possible in the vicinity of mountainous areas in general, in local trespassing to adjacent plains and coasts. Temperatures will rise again by a few degrees, while remaining within the average if not locally slightly below. However, we recommend that you follow the next updates.

For more forecast details, consult the specific weather section in Italy.

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Italy struggling ROVESCI TEMPORALI early week details Meteo

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