Floridia: “School is Italy’s cultural infrastructure. We educate young people in sustainability”

The Undersecretary for Education, Barbara Floridia, on Facebook, returns to the presentation of the ecological transition plan for schools presented on Friday to the Ministry.

“We have created a team to help the teaching staff to change the thinking and habits of our young people. And, given that the school is capable of contaminating, the mission is to educate all Italians to new lifestyles. We have allocated almost two billion, we have already put at the service of female students, teachers, managers and school communities since September all the skills and tools that the School needs to educate young people to sustainability and to inhabit the world in a new way “, writes the exponent of the M5S.

“We change the country only if we start from school. The School is the cultural infrastructure of Italy. For this we will also build new and sustainable schools. For this we will start new school addresses and new ITS. School is the heartbeat of the community. Let’s start again from us “, concludes the senator.

Ecological Transition Plan, Floridia: “We must move from the concept of resilience to that of regeneration”


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