Three gray herons were born in East Rome

Three gray herons were born in East Rome
Three gray herons were born in East Rome

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06 June 2021 09:29

The birth of the gray herons in East Rome is the first documented case in the city. Since April, the activists of the Eastern Rome “Giancarlo Cristarella” Naturalistic Group have observed the stages of courtship, nest building, hatching and hatching of eggs in a green area of ​​high naturalistic and landscape value, within the GRA.

The activists stressed that the event demonstrates the important contribution of urban green areas to the conservation and implementation of biodiversity, explaining that 126 species of avifauna, mammals such as fox and porcupine, reptiles such as the rat snake and amphibians such as the green frog, the common toad and the green toad, also observed in the reproduction phase. There are also numerous insects, especially dragonflies.

Mario Paloni, Franco Menenti, Alessandro Fiorillo, representatives of the “Giancarlo Cristarella” group ask the institutions for adequate forms of protection and protection for the urban green area, especially precious for the conservation of biodiversity.


gray herons born East Rome

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