“Inside Brothers of Italy they are sure”. Confidential polls, tsunami on the way – Libero Quotidiano

“Inside Brothers of Italy they are sure”. Confidential polls, tsunami on the way – Libero Quotidiano
“Inside Brothers of Italy they are sure”. Confidential polls, tsunami on the way – Libero Quotidiano

Antonio Rapisarda

05 June 2021

The federation of center-right parties «alongside Draghi» launched for the second time in a few days since Matteo Salvini and semi-harvest – this is yesterday’s news – from Silvio Berlusconi? It is not a problem for FdI nor for FdI. The party’s hot response Giorgia Meloni the scenario in progress between Lega and Forza Italia is “cold” and has been entrusted to an informal note that essentially re-proposes what Free has already reported in recent days: the federative project, this is what sources in via della Scrofa imply, “concerns the center-right groups that are in the majority with Draghi, and is a tool to defend themselves from the excessive power of the left in the majority”. An option of “containment” from the yellow-fuchsia therefore, not concerning precisely for this reason the Brothers of Italy which is “in opposition to the government” but which still considers the intention of the allies to be “right”.

Different shades

A few minutes later the leader herself comments on the possibility a Radio Rai1. “I don’t believe much in cold mergers,” explained Giorgia Meloni, assuring at the same time that if FI and Lega really make a federation, “I will respect this operation with respect”. No explicit notes on the details of this initiative but an assessment of the coalition’s perimeter yes: “I have always believed that the different nuances in the center-right are an added value and not a problem.” And problems, according to the godmother of the conservatives, do not even exist between her and Matteo Salvini: «Love or hate? Neither: ours is a solid alliance relationship, not a relationship between boyfriends ». Beyond the background, (“there is a game to spread apart, we have understood it …”) Meloni assured it: “We are not divided: in the end, in a few days, we will bring out a candidate in the big cities which is good for everyone “. Including in Rome, where «the center-left has three candidates on the field. Who is divided between the two? ». Even the “bridgeman” Ignazio La Russa – FdI sherpa in the delicate composition of the administrative team – comments on the idea of ​​Salvini and Berlusconi, keeping at a safe distance: “We are respectful of what the other parties are doing, we will still have to find ourselves as a united center-right to beat the left.” As for the mergers (because many think that the next step could be this: a sort of “Lega Italia”) the former coordinator of the PDL does not miss a joke: “We have had a not very happy experience, that of the PDL, which ended with a fracture. We are a little already vaccinated “. If you really have to, La Russa reasons aloud, it would be necessary to start over from the idea of ​​coordination in Parliament (“an intergroup as Giorgia Meloni had proposed”) on the issues of relaunching production and returning to full freedom for categories and citizens .


With the microphones off, then, the context in which the federative proposal of the Salvini-Berlusconi duplex matured does not escape several Melonian observers: on the one hand the polls that give FdI two points from the Carroccio, on the other the centrifugal temptations in the blue house towards the project by Toti and Brugnaro. Not exactly an easy moment: “The sum – they explain not by chance – may not be a force”. As for FdI, the executives do not break down even in front of those who speak of a possible single party between Carroccio and FI with the aim of containing the advance of Meloni: «Since the beginning of this legislature we have always held a line: FdI does not do tactics. By choice”. No tactics “in parliamentary dynamics” as well as “in the scheme of alliances. This is why we have grown from election to election. And the polls today give us 20%: which corresponds to 40% of the votes of the entire center-right … ». Fundamental consensus to the whole coalition, this is the sense, to hope to win in any round.

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