“Great Rome, with magician Mou you can dream”

“Great Rome, with magician Mou you can dream”
“Great Rome, with magician Mou you can dream”

Castelnuovo Berardenga, a village nestled between the Crete Senesi and the Chianti hills. Here, just below, on the hill of Monteaperti, the bloody battle was fought between the Florentine Guelphs and the Sienese Ghibellines that Dante mentions in the 10th canto of the Inferno with Farinata. Here, it goes without saying, the wine that Americans (and not only) envy us is produced. And here, twenty years ago, Claudio Ranieri could only find his retreat, precisely in the lands that owe their name to the noble Berardo, son of the French count Wuinigi di Ranieri, in fact.

Summer retreat, not definitive, mind you.
“I’m on vacation, I’m at the window, I enjoy the landscape, I wait. But let’s not talk about me ».
At Sampdoria he made a miracle …
“Aridaje. I’m not talking about me ».
Are we talking about Castelnuovo?
“A jewel. Like Mancini’s national team ».
Now it’s better, mister.
«A beautiful and determined team, in which everyone knows what to do, which always tries to verticalize. Mancini has become really good ».
Mourinho says Italy will finish in the top four at the European Championship.
«Mourinho always knows a lot …».
Is there rust, yet?
«But no, we are friends. Do you remember when I was sacked at Leicester? He showed up at the conference with the sweatshirt with my initials, it was a special thing ».
Special one, is it still?
“Sure, why do you have doubts?”
Lately, he seems to have missed a few shots …
“But let’s not joke. He is a magician ».
Roma did well then.
“The Friedkins had a huge operation, they took one of the best in the world in a few hours, without anyone knowing. Now the city will return to the center of the world football debate, and then I am convinced that Mou will do well, he is a wizard of tactics, he knows how to do his job, with the Roma players then … »
“He is a leader of peoples, the Romanists will go mad …”.
Who knows if it will lead them to a new title, the last one who was going to succeed was her, eleven years ago …
“Let’s go further.”
That Roma-Sampdoria …
“But no, because no one remembers that we only took one point out of six at the relegated Livorno?”.
And the Lazio-Inter of the “oh noo …”.
“Let’s go further.”
Shall we go to the European Championship?
“Here we go”.
We said about Italy.
«I know that in our history we won when we were full of problems, but victories are only good, they give you security. Of course, now the game is getting tougher. As they say in our country, we don’t bring it from home. Watch out for Turkey, a great team ».
Do you even Turkish them?
“I’m just saying, we don’t take it lightly.”
France to stronger stakes?
“And who says that? What about Spain, Belgium, England, Portugal? Mum what a great team is Portugal, even the Under 21 is a gem. It’s time for the Portuguese, football is done in cycles, now it’s up to them ».
And to us, when will it be? In Europe also this year apart from the semifinal of Rome only slaps …
“Have you seen the national team? Here, soon the clubs will also arrive, we had hit rock bottom, we are growing, the results will come ».
It will be a Serie A of great coaches …
«Mou, Allegri, Spalletti, maybe even Sarri. I’m sorry not to see Conte again ».
He refused Tottenham.
There is also free Everton …
Ok, we give up. In Leicester, however, she sowed well, this year the Fa Cup arrived.
“With two hundred million more than I had.”
Is the Premier League the best championship in the world?
“If I look at Liverpool, Leeds …”.
The Leeds of Bielsa?
«Great, I like that vertical kick, not all those touches …».
Is he angry with Guardiola?
“But Guardiola is no longer that of the tiki-taka.”
What European will we see?
“A lot of show, little tactics, everyone will want to push.”
How do you like it?

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