at the screening also Zingaretti and Raggi

at the screening also Zingaretti and Raggi
at the screening also Zingaretti and Raggi

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05 June 2021 17:17

Projector turned on in Piazza San Cosimato where the projections of the film festival organized by the Piccolo America kids began on Friday evening. ‘Il cinema in piazza’ this year boasts a new location, in addition to Trastevere and the Cervelletta park, the films will also be screened at the Monte Ciocci park, in Valle Aurelia. The mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi, the governor of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti and the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza participated in the inaugural appointment.

Cushions on the floor and eyes aimed at the screen. On Friday evening, in compliance with the anti-covid measures, Piazza San Cosimato was filled with young and old, waiting for the event for some time now. “We are happy, after a difficult year, we managed to move forward and I thank all the guys from Cinema America who had the strength to imagine a future when it was no longer visible, after a very long winter in which we all suffered a lot” he commented the president of the Piccolo America Association, Valerio Carocci, speaking from the stage, recalling that “on September 30th we will inaugurate the Troisi cinema. To those who have problems with our free initiative, we say that with every provocation we will take two steps back: enough with provocations and conflicts, what is more important is that the cinema is in the square ”.

“We were hoping for a lot, this is a symbolic act that represents a fundamental fact: we are coming out of a dramatic moment in our life and we are doing it in the best way, with culture and with the people of Cinema America – said Nicola Zingaretti – Quest ‘year the boys of America are the protagonists of the beginning of the dramatic end of the Covid period and also for this we must really say thank you, they have shown that with culture urban spaces are filled and rise to decay and helps this city to be better “. Virginia Raggi also attended the event: “There is a need to occupy the squares with healthy initiatives of socialization and culture to give alternatives to those who need to be together to return to being a community. We are not out of the pandemic yet, but slowly we have to start living again ”.

Guests of the opening night were the brothers Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo who, together with the actors Ileana D’Ambra, Max Malatesta and Gabriel Montesi, presented the film “Favolacce”, winner of the Silver Bear for the screenplay at the 70th Berlinale. The first three evenings will take place in Piazza San Cosimato, where the screenings will end on August 1st. To comply with the anti-Covid regulations and the curfew, the start of the screenings has been brought forward to 8 pm so as to allow the outflow of participants within the allowed time of 11 pm. From Thursday 10 June until 25 July, the screens will also be switched on at Cervelletta park in Tor Sapienza. From 19 June then, again until 25 July, for the first time the screenings will also be at the Monte Ciocci park in Valle Aurelia. From 9 to 13 June the events with guests will start at 20.30, while the screenings without a guest at 21.15. Starting from June 16, all events will start at 9.15 pm, as in previous editions.


screening Zingaretti Raggi

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