Teodosic show, Bologna breaks Milan in race-one of the championship final (83-77)

Teodosic show, Bologna breaks Milan in race-one of the championship final (83-77)
Teodosic show, Bologna breaks Milan in race-one of the championship final (83-77)

The first round of the championship final goes to Virtus Segafredo Bologna, capable of clearing the Assago Forum with authority, winning race 1 with full merit (83-77) and celebrating with handshakes and hugs on the sidelines with the patron Zanetti. “We haven’t done anything yet”, the warning with which coach Djordjevic – one who played and trained in Milan – wants to keep the tension high in view of game 2, scheduled for Monday evening. But having already overturned the home factor is a good achievement because it forces Milan, already called to be the dominator of the championship, to have even more pressure on its shoulders.

He is Teodosic, the most anticipated man and the highest paid player in the league, the absolute protagonist of the evening, the protagonist who with 19 points, 7 assists and 8 fouls suffered leads Virtus to the first victory against Ax Milano in the fourth attempt of the season. The battle of pure competitive spirit with no holds barred rewards Bologna, which however risks the patatrac from +18, distracting itself for too much complacency, and wakes up only on +2 (72-70 at 36 ‘), after having suffered a partial of 12- 0. It is Markovic from 8 meters and Belinelli on hand to repel the assault of Milan in the final.

“These matches – explains a satisfied Djoerdjevic – you can’t play and win without this intensity, it was our main weapon, we were very determined in defense. Rodriguez rekindled the game in the final but we managed to bring it home. I’m very happy with the victory and the performance, but we haven’t done anything yet ».

For Milan, which clings to the game with a 29/35 from the line and plays the charge with Rodriguez and LeDay (16 for both), the problems are above all offensive, thanks to the bad evening of Shields who in the return match in the regular season had been decisive with 35 points: the Dane, celebrated this morning for having turned 27, sparacchia a 1/10 from the field which negatively contributes to the mediocre 20/60 of the team. Percentages too low to get the best of a really tough Bologna. Anyone expecting a one-way series will be disappointed.

Race-two always takes place at the Assago Forum on Monday 7 June starting at 8.45 pm

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Teodosic show Bologna breaks Milan raceone championship final

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