Does the coronavirus exist only for others? – Free Daily

Does the coronavirus exist only for others? – Free Daily
Does the coronavirus exist only for others? – Free Daily

Tables at risk, yes, but for others. Virologist Massimo Galli is perhaps the fiercest of the “closurists”, a censor of the bad behavior of Italians and bad government policies on the coronavirus. But there was a moment, evidently, that the head of Infectious Disease of the Sacco hospital in Milan also let his guard down, perhaps a little more optimistic than he likes to show himself on TV, from the pulpit of Otto e mezzo or from that of Cartabianca and L’aria che tira.

“Roosters in the chicken coop”: the sensational photo of Dagospia

Dagospia’s photo is sensational, even if it presents some obscure points. The political gossip site founded and directed by Roberto D’Agostino publishes it with an iconic caption, “Galli nel pollaio”. The professor is happily seated at a table outdoors, at lunch, in cheerful company. There are adults, women, children, young and old.

It would seem a situation of the past, but the mask “parked on the arm” of one of the diners suggests how it was taken already in full pandemic. First doubt: when? Last summer? In these last days? In both cases, Galli has never failed to admonish the unwary who today, perhaps waiting for the vaccine, dare to savor a slice of normality.

The table is by the sea, outdoors, but certainly the guests for lunch are 10 and of safety distances, of course, not even talking about it. Who knows, maybe the photo was taken a moment before Galli left his partner indignant, or not. The fact is that it was handed over to Dago by some “enforcer” who evidently knows Galli and his private habits well.

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