Chaos waste in Rome, the mayor Raggi plans to send them to the province – Il Tempo

Chaos waste in Rome, the mayor Raggi plans to send them to the province – Il Tempo
Chaos waste in Rome, the mayor Raggi plans to send them to the province – Il Tempo

Fernando Magliaro

05 June 2021

No progress: the first attempt at mediation by the Ministry of Ecological Transition fails. Lazio Region and Roma Capitale each remain in their own corner, glaring at each other while the city flounders among the garbage. Minister Roberto Cingolani has in fact heard by telephone the mayor Virginia Raggi and the president of the Region, Nicola Zingaretti, attempting a role of mediation. At the technical table – present the technicians of the Ministry of the Region, the Municipality, the Metropolitan City of Rome, as well as Arpa Lazio and Ispra – the Campidoglio reiterated its “niet” to find a site in the municipal area for landfill and Tmb.

From Palazzo Senatorio, which certainly cannot afford to drop yet another grill star under elections, the strategy of the vampire is preferred: we take the garbage out of Rome. So, in the cicada style of the fairy tale, we dump the bags in Civitavecchia and Viterbo which, taking up the Roman waste, would run out in 6 months. We reopen Colleferro. We also open in Magliano Romano. And never mind if the mayors of the territories are on a war footing. To further aggravate the situation there is the hypothesis, circulated during the meeting, that the landfill of Sogliano Ambiente (in Emilia Romagna) could stop receiving waste from the capital no longer on June 30 but even on the 15th, thus triggering the red alert of the health emergency in the city in about ten days.

The ministry, for its part, has recalled all the actors in the field to institutional responsibility and to carry out all the necessary actions to avoid infringement procedures.

The capital was called upon to put its utmost commitment on the collection and construction of authorized composting plants and the Ama industrial plan and to begin to achieve the community objectives, and not to focus only on the Tmbs for which the Capitol has repeatedly announced to have allocated 100 million to buy one active in Lazio (plus the one to be built in Santa Palomba) which have obsolete technology and produce waste to be disposed of and incinerated.

The Region, on the other hand, will have to provide the Ministry with the list of the plants currently in operation and those authorized and the map of the waste flows, while to the Metropolitan City of Rome it will send the cartography of the new Ptpr in order to verify the existence of areas white available within the capital for the location of the plants that Rome needs, especially now to avert a new waste emergency.

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Chaos waste Rome mayor Raggi plans send province Tempo

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